Super Mario Bros. 3DS
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2 Player

Super Mario Bros. 3D is a Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS. This game has various enemies, like from Super Mario 3D Land. This game also includes 8 worlds, with 16 bosses. Bosses like Boom Boom, and Monty Tank. This game also has different power-ups.


It all starts out when it's a rainy day, when the Tanooki Tree's leaves blew all away. When Mario and Peach are walking past the Mushroom Castle, clouds crowd around the Castle. Mario runs towards it. But, Bowser Jr., sneaks up behind Peach and captures her. But then, Mario notices, and runs towards Bowser Jr., that's when Mario passes the Tanooki Tree.


This game includes various Bosses. Most of them are from New Super Mario Bros., like Lakithunder. This game also has certain controls from Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario 3D Land, like Long Jumping, Rolling, and Back Flipping. At the bottom screen, like in Super Mario 3D Land, an item is kept and you can change the angle of the screen.


This game may also include new Controls.

  • Curser: Move
  • A Button: Jump, Select Level
  • A or B Button: Jump, Wall-Jump



Sample Name Description Special Power-Up
MarioHat Mario Mario has been helping out the Mushroom Kingdom since 1985. He was once a plumber of Brooklyn, and now is the Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Plunger Flower - Mario is able to climb steep hills, and open up Pipes to warp to different areas.
LuigiHat Luigi Luigi is the cowardly plumber and twin brother of Mario. He can jump higher than Mario, but stops faster, which isn't good. He is Daisy's boyfriend and Waluigi's rival. Vacuum Mushroom - Luigi is able to suck up certain enemies with his cap, like Boos.


Sample Name Description
Toad Brigade The Toad Brigade is a Red Toad (Captain), a Blue Toad that can be related to Toadbert, a Yellow Toad, a Green Toad, and a Purple Toad. They all have been kidnapped and kept in 5 different worlds.


Sample Boss Description
GIANT BOWSER Bowser The mighty king of the Koopas that has failed to defeat Mario over 100 times. This tiem he is back, and has appeared in the World 1 Castle, and the Final Boss like in New Super Mario Bros.
DRYBONESBOWSER Dry Bowser After the king took a little dip in the lava, Bowser was defeated. That didn't stop this skinless Koopa from returning for the 100th time to defeat Mario. He'll attack the same way as in Super Mario 3D Land, and breath blue fire at Mario. He will be defeated like Bowser, by the Skull Switch.
BowserJr SMG Bowser Jr. Bowser's son that is more willing to fight Mario again. He is at every Airship level with the Koopa Klown Car. At the last Airship, he has his dad's Koopa Klown Car. This lets Bowser Jr. drop Bombs.
KoopalingsNSMBWii Koopalings Bowser's six sons, and one daughter, including: Larry Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Wendy O. Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Roy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, and Ludwig Von Koopa. They all use different styles to try to defeat Mario.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Boom Boom A classic Koopa-like mini-boss that spins around, in a castle. If Mario jumps on him 3 times, he will be defeated, but with each stomp, Boom Boom will retreat into his shell, and will go around the stage.
Gooperblooper01 Gooper Blooper A gigantic Blooper, with four tentacles. He has a cap on his mouth, to stop him from blasting inc. He can spin his tentacles around, but that just makes him dizzy. His weakness, is when he slams his tentacle on the ground, then you jump on it. Unlike the other bosses, you have to hit him four times.
Undergrunt Gunner Monty Tank A Blue Undergrunt, in charge of a tank with cannons that shoot Bullet Bills. The Undergrunt can also throw Bob-ombs at Mario, and must be stomped 3 three times. However, each time he is stomped, his tamk gains another level with another cannon attached to make the better tougher each time.


Also look here.


World Description Fortress Boss Castle Boss Final Boss
World 1 A peaceful world known as the Mushroom Kingdom. This world is currently ruled by Princess Peach, and home to many Toads and the Mario Bros. Larry Koopa Bowser N/A
World 2 Roy Koopa Boom Boom N/A
World 3 Wendy O. Koopa Gooper Blooper N/A
World 4 A World known as Jungle Hijinx, and home to many Kongs. This world was invaded by Iggy Koopa and froze Donkey Kong. Iggy Koopa Petey Piranha N/A
World 5 Lemmy Koopa Army Hammer Bro. N/A
World 6 Morton Koopa Jr. Monty Tank N/A
World 7 Ludwig Von Koopa Lakithunder N/A
World 8 Bowser Jr. Dry Bowser Bowser


  • Monty Tank is basically an Undegrunt Guner, but considered that it was a boss in Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Like in New Super Mario Bros., Bowser is the World 1-Castle Boss, and the Final Boss.

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