Super Mario Bros. : A LEGO Adventure is a video game that was created by T&T games, licensed by Nintendo. It is a Mario game, but warped into an alternate universe (LEGO Universe), and they have to defeat Bowser and the leader of all the shadows in LEGO Universe before the LEGO and Mario Universe is destroyed.


One day, Mario and Luigi were eating at a pizza restaurant when, all of a sudden, a portal opens and warps Mario, Luigi and Yoshi to LEGO Universe, where they find Bowser and his minions waiting for them. So, you have to defeat all of Bowser's minions in a LEGO game style (eg: LEGO Batman) in the LEGO Universe and beat Bowser. Later, you must fight many enemies from many LEGO themes and in the end, you must defeat the lord of all shadows in his final form.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi (only in the final form battle and bowser battle. Otherwise, You must ride him if you find him.)
  • Bob (LEGO Universe Character)
  • Duke Exeter (LEGO Universe Character, only playable in LEGO part.)

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