Super Mario Baseball is a game for the Nintendo Wii and uses Wi-Fi.


Mario StadiumEdit

Mario Stadium

Luigi CircuitEdit

Gimmicks:Hit a picture of the Checkard Flag and Mario kart Racers come
Luigi Circuit

Wario WareEdit

Gimmicks:If the ball lands on the sewer then a bomb-omb gets shot out with water
Wario Ware

Waluigi Bomb FactoryEdit

Gimmicks:There are big tubs full of Lava everywhere
Waluigi Bomb Factory

Peach's Sunshine ResortEdit

Gimmicks:Sometimes the Piranha Plant in the Generator will throw goop from it's mouth covering the field and F.L.U.D.D. will spray water to make the place slippery
Peach's Sunshine Resort

Daisy CruiserEdit

Gimmicks:Cheep Cheeps cover the outfield
Daisy Cruiser

Bowser CastleEdit

Gimmicks:Throwmps guarding where homeruns go,Lava Pits,King Bomb-Omb throws bombs at outfielders.Only allowed to be played at night!
Bowser Castle

Corona MountainEdit

Gimmicks:Fire Snakes are in the outfield,there's goop in the infield,Lava Puddles are everywhere,and the stage slightly tilts
Corona Mountain

Yoshi's IslandEdit

Gimmicks:During the day the stage is night the stage is underground.Toadies also surround the border of the field
Day:Daytime on Yoshi's Island
Night:Nighttime on Yoshi's Island

Birdo's Pipe-WorldEdit

Gimmicks:Warp Pipes fill the field
Birdo's Pipe-World

DK's Jungle TempleEdit

Gimmicks:Barrels get fired out of canons,If the ball lands near the trees bees appear.
DK's Jungle Temple

Diddy Kong's Banana Storage roomEdit

Gimmicks:Banana Peels are scattered around the field
Diddy Kong's BananaStorage room

Baby Mario's PlaytownEdit

Gimmicks:Rattle are scattered around the field.Anyone who touches one will flip!,Rubber Baby Bowser and Toad statues float above the field which can bounce the ball when it touches one.
Baby Mario's Playtown

Baby Luigi's Cheerful Dungeon!Edit

Gimmicks:Paper Dry Bones' skulls are stuck on the ground.If the ball hits one a Paper Dry Bone walks around the outfield.If the player hits a rattle in the back a picture of the person who owns the rattle gets put up on the wall.If all the pictures get posted you gain a star.
Day:Daytime in Baby Luigi's Cheerful Dungeon!
Night:Nighttime in Baby Luigi's Cheerful Dungeon!


Mario Bros.Edit

Peach PeachesEdit

Wario WaresEdit

Yoshi IslandersEdit

Donkey KongsEdit

Bowser KoopasEdit

Bowser Jr. BulletsEdit

Baby Mario Rattle-BreakersEdit

Captains Special AbilitiesEdit


Bat:Red Fireball
Pitch:F.L.U.D.D. Gush


Bat:Boo Pitch
Pitch:Polterpitch 3000