E3 2013 - Super Mario Universe (Wii U)

E3 2013 - Super Mario Universe (Wii U)


Super Mario 3D Universe is an upcoming 3D Mario video game coming to the Nintendo Switch console in mid to Late 2019. It is the successor to Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U, and Super Mario Galaxy

Playable Characters Edit

Mario- Playable right off the bat. Special character powers from Super Mario 3D World return. Mario is an all around character.

Luigi- Playable right off the bat. Luigi can jump higher. But, Luigi has a slight version of ice physics. (Don't worry it is not full on ice physics!)

Princess Peach- Unlocked after beating Bower's Lava Lake. Peach has a slight glide boost. Yet, peach has a slow running speed

Toad-Toad is playable right off the bat. He can run faster. Although, toad can not jump very high. 

Yoshi- Yoshi is playable right off the bat. He can run faster than Mario, but a bit slower than toad. He has a flutter jump ability along with being able to suck up some enemies and swallow them to turn them into a projectile. But, unlike any other character, he can not collect power ups and has one hit point. 

Princess Daisy- Princess Daisy can be unlocked after beating the first level in World 10. She has a longer glide boost, yet she is the slowest character AND has Luigi-ice physics.

Wario/Waluigi- Wario can be unlocked after beating World 4 or World 8. After the final level in World 4, you uncover a character token. You take your pick of Wario or Waluigi, and the remaining one is given to you at the end of World 8. Wario has a wider yet shorter hit box and has the punch ability along with a power-pound (enhanced ground pound). Waluigi has the highest jump but when he lands he has a 1 second pause in his movement. Waluigi has the kick ability along with a power-sault (an extremely enhanced backwards somersault). He has a taller, yet thinner hit box. As small Wario (with out super mushroom) you can fit through one block tall passages, but only through 2 block wide passages. As small waluigi, you can fit through 1 block wide passages, but 2 block tall passages. Wario many not sprint or P-sprint and Waluigi has a Luigi Ice physics.

Rosalina- Rosalina can be unlocked after beating the first three levels of World 11. She has a spin boost (basically a double jump that can hit enemies if performed on the ground) . Yet she has a slower run speed and has a wide hit box similar to wario's. Yet, she only has this wide hit box when she has consumed a super mushroom.

Actions Characters that can perform action Description of action How To Preform Action
Walk All Characters A slow movement Move joystick in a direction
Run All Characters A Faster Movement Move joystick in a direction whilst holding in "Y" or "X"
Sprint All Characters except Wario A very fast movement. Move Joystick in a direction whilst Holding "Y" or "X" for 5 seconds
P-Sprint All Characters except Wario The fastest movement where if you have a tannooki leaf equipped you may start to fly. Also, you have limited directional movement whilst P-Sprinting and if you hit a brick block while P-Sprinting you will break it and then go down to a normal Sprint. Also, if you hit a ? block you will bonk it (making you lose all movement for 2 1/2 seconds ) then whatever the ? block contains will come out. Move Joystick in a direction whilst holding "Y" or "X" then Hitting "R" or "L" after 10 seconds of Sprinting to hit P-Speed
Jump All Characters Just 3 block high jump Hitting "A" or "B"
High Jump All Characters A 6 block high jump for Mario, 5 block for toad, 6 block for Wario, 6 block for Peach and Daisy, 7 Block for Luigi, and 8 blocks for Waluigi. Holding "A" or "B" (depending on how long you hold is how high you jump)
Triple Jump All Characters Adds one block to each High Jump While moving then jumping 3 consecutive times, on the third consecutive jump you gain a lot of height
Backwards Sumersault All Characters (Waluigi has an enhanced version) Adds one block to each High jump (10 blocks high for Waluigi) When you duck using "ZR" or "ZL" then jumping, you gain the height of a triple jump, but intern you move backwards two blocks by the time you reach your highest point.
Side Sumersault All Characters Adds one block to each high jump When running or sprinting (not P-Sprinting) then immediately changing direction in the opposite direction you do a side somersault which takes you as high as your triple jump would
Climb All Characters A slow climb of a pole or tree (may climb walls if cat suit is equipped.) By touching or jumping on to a pole, you may grab the pole or tree then Moving the joystick in a direction you may climb in that direction.
Fast Climb All Characters A Faster version of climb By climbing then holding "Y" or "X" , you may climb faster
Forward Flip All Characters If at top of pole or tree, you may perform a forward flip to gain 3 blocks in hight By reaching the top of the pole or tree then hitting the jump button
Roll All Characters If ducked, you may perform a roll, which is at the speed of walking but one block high (except for waluigi who is 2 blocks high) My ducking then hitting "Y" or "X", you may roll
Fast Roll All Characters This is a faster roll. By rolling then hitting "Y" or "X" for three times, you may roll at a fast speed for each time you hit "Y" or "X"
Super Fast Roll All Characters except Wario This is the fastest roll. By rolling then hitting "Y" or "X" for 10 times, for each time after 10, you may roll very fast.
Ground Pound All Characters (Wario has an enhanced version) When is air, you may duck to perform a ground pound. It Destroys brick blocks and activates ? blocks. By ducking in the air.
Glide Peach and Daisy Holding the jump button with Peach or Daisy results in a 2 second glide. By holding the "A" or "B" while in the air.
Long Glide Daisy Daisy can glide for 4 seconds. Same as gliding but longer
Spin Jump Rosalina A double jump; that can hurt enemies if performed on the ground. By Hitting "R" or "L"
Helicopter Jump All Characters By jumping while spinning you do a helicopter jump. A helicopter jump is the height of a normal jump but extends your hit box one block wider. You have a slower decent to the ground and most enemies that touch you while in the air will be defeated By spinning the joystick three times
Spin All Characters By walking in a tight circle three times you will start to spin. To continue the spin, just keep trying to walk in a tight circle. Most enemies that touch you will be defeated. It also extends your hit box one block wider. by hitting "A" or "B" whilst spinning.
Pick Up All characters You can pick up some items By Pressing "Y" or "X" next to the item then holding "Y" or "X" to hold the item

In-game Worlds and OverviewEdit

In Super Mario 3D Universe, you will be exposed to 20 different worlds with two unlockable after the game is beaten fully. (all levels, worlds, and fortress bosses / castle bosses will be described later)

World 1- Grassy Valley-14 levels with no gravity shifting / level 7 is a fortress containing Koopaling Roy / level 13 is a castle containing Goomboss / level 14 is unlocked after beating world 20

World 2- Deserted Desert-12 levels with no gravity shifting / level 5 is a fortress containing koopaling Pom Pom / level 11 is a castle containing Sandy Snake / level 12 is unlocked after beating world 20

World 3- Frozen Mountains-15 levels with no gravity shifting / level 8 is a fortress level containing Koopaling Lemmy / level 14 is a castle containing Ice Bully / Level 15 is unlocked after completing world 20

World 4- Poisoned water way - 13 levels with no gravity shifting / level 7 is a fortress containing Koopaling Wendy / level 12 is a castle containing Poisoned Cheep Chomp / level 13 is unlocked after completing world 20

World 5- Mushroom Highlands- 15 levels with no gravity shifting / level 6 is a fortress containing Koopaling Boom Boom / level 13 is a castle containing Mega Poison Mushroom / level 14 and 15 are unlocked after completing world 20

World 6- Thwomp Ruins- 10 levels with no gravity shifting / level 5 is a fortress containing Koopaling Morton / level 9 is a castle containing king thwomp and king whomp / level 10 is unlocked after beating world 20

World 7- Wiggler Forest- 17 levels with no gravity shifting / level 9 is a fortress containing koopaling Larry / Level 15 is a castle containing Mecha Wiggler / levels 16 and 17 are unlocked after beating world 20

World 8- Delfino Beach - 14 levels with no gravity shifting / level 6 is a fortress containing Koopaling Iggy / level 13 is a castle containing Bowser Jr. / level 14 is unlocked after completing world 20

World 9- Lava Lake - 20 levels with no gravity shifting / level 10 is a fortress containing Dry Bowser Jr. / level 20 is a castle containing Bowser / No extra levels 

World 10- Moon's Crater- 25 levels with low gravity but no gravity shifting / level 15 is a fortress containing Koopaling Ludwig von / level 23 is a castle containing King boo / level 24 and 25 are unlocked after completing world 20 

World 11- Galaxy's Gateway - 9 levels with gravity shifting and some low gravity moments / level 4 is a fortress containing Dry Roy / level 8 is a castle containing cosmic clone Mario / level 9 is unlocked after completing world 20 

World 12- Frozen nebula - 12 levels with gravity shifting and some low gravity moments / level 5 is a fortress containing dry Pom Pom / level 10 is a castle containing Mega Octo-goomba / levels 11 and 12 are unlocked after completing world 20  

World 13- Watery comet belt- 19 levels with gravity shifting and no low gravity moments / level 10 is a fortress containing Dry Lemmy / level 18 is a castle containing Poisoned Plessie / level 19 is unlocked after completing world 20  

World 14- Double Star System- 16 levels with gravity shifting and some low gravity moments / level 8 is a fortress containing Dry Wendy / level 14 is a castle containing King Caliente Jr. / level 15 and 16 is unlocked after completing world 20  

World 15- Sandy system- 13 levels with some low gravity moments and shifting gravity / level 4 is a fortress containing Dry Bowser Jr. / Level 8 is a second fortress containing Dry Sandy Snake / Level 12 is a castle containing Dry Bowser AND Dry Bowser Jr. AND Dry Sandy Snake in a huge fight / level 13 is unlocked after completing world 20  

World 16 - Bowers's universe Destroyer- will be described later in article  

World 17 - Super Star Road- 50 levels with some low gravity moments and shifting gravity / level 10,20,30 are all three fortresses with level 10 containing Dry boom boom / level 20 containing dry Morton / level 30 containing dry Ludwig Von / level 40 is a castle containing both Hisstocrats / levels 41-49 are unlocked after completing world 20 whilst level 49 is a castle containing all dry koopa kids in a clown car similar to New Super Mario Bros. 2 in a boss fight / level 50 is unlocked after beating world 21  

World 18 - Road back to Earth- 10 levels with some low gravity moments and shifting gravity / level 4 is a fortress containing Mega Astroid / level 9 is castle containing Dry bowser / level 10 is unlocked after completing world 20  

World 19 -Sprixie Kingdom-8 levels with no changing gravity / level 1 is a castle containing The Dry Hisstocrats / level 2 is a fortress with Mega Bully / there are no other unlockable levels  

World 20 - Mushroom Kingdom Ruins- to be explained later in the article  

World 21 - secret world!- to be explained later in the article  

Champions Justice - a world containing only one level and that world is only unlocked after 100% completing all the worlds. Including world 21. This World's one level is the hardest challenge in the game with even champions road from Super Mario 3D world falling short of this level's difficulty!  

Beginning Story (first cut scene) Edit

Super Mario 3D Universe will have more story than any other Mario Game Combined!

Mario is invited to Princess Peach's castle along with Luigi, Yoshi, and Daisy. At the castle, Princess Peach Surprises Mario and Friends with a cake. Mario takes a piece of the cake. Before Mario was able to say something, Peach interrupted and said "Look guys! I have gotten an upgrade for the castle guards. The toads guarding the castle have been equipped with poison mushroom guns! Also, I got captain toad along with the toad brigade to guard from any incoming threats above the castle from any of bowser's air ships. So, we should be safe here today." Then whilst everyone was taking some cake, Mario then said what he wanted to say, "I would like to apologize to everyone here today." His eyes started to tear up a bit. "I want to apologize to Luigi for never giving him a chance to shine. Also, I never formally thanked you for saving me from king boo in that old creepy mansion. I should have invited you on the vacation I took after that, even if it did end in disaster. Now to yoshi. I have abused you all these years and have always used as a tool. When I wanted you to stick your tongue out, I punched you instead of asking you. And since you saved me 3 times when I was a baby, I should have treated you better. And peach, I'm sorry for cheating on you multiple times. First with Daisy, then my ex. Pauline again. I am a fool for trying to propose to you when I saved you from bowser on the moon, and I just want you to know that I am sorry. Please forgive me." Then Peach said, "Of course I forgive you Mario, I would love to go out with you again as long as you change your ways." Then Mario said " Thanks Peach." Mario looked at Luigi and Yoshi's expressionless face as they just stared at Mario. As this was going on Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the koopa Kids were talking at bowser's new base in the deserted desert. Bowser Said, " Hey Junior, Our mega airship fleet is now ready to go! We have four Mega Airships the size of the MOON stationed orbiting the moon and we have Millions of smaller airships at the ready!" Then the Koopalings Cheered, all except for Bowser Jr. Bowser asked Junior surprised, "Are you not exited?" Then Junior Said, "This plan will probably make you fail again." "But I put the destruct button in the airship this time and not on the outside!" retaliated bowser. "But Dad, why would you even put a destruct button for Mario? If you really want to win you should try to kill Mario and you can take Peach! Luigi will be too cowardice to save peach with his brother gone, heck, just kill him too! You obviously have enough fire power when just one canon on the Mega Airships can take out half a planet! And not little ones found in most galaxies." Bowser looked baffled. Roy even passed out at the thought of that master plan. Bowser then ordered all of his minions to attack. This would be the beginning of the end for the mushroom kingdom. Back in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and the gang were having a good time chatting it up in peach's castle. On top of the castle Captain toad was looking out over mushroom city enjoying the view. Then he spotted a HUGE ship mast rising out of the ground in the horizon (at least it looked like it because it is so far away) He then saw the the rest of the Mega Airship come out of the horizon. All of captain toad's blood drained from his face when he saw the massive Airship come closer to the mushroom kingdom. When captain toad returned from his state of shock he yelled "Code red! Get to your Star shrooms, NOW!" The Mega Airship was getting closer. A hatch opened on the side of the mega airship and released a bunch of little brown dots (they were regular sized airships but they were so far away they looked like little dots) Then a hatch opened up on the ground, and a lot of star shrooms shot out of the hatch. Captain toad ran off the castle top, almost tripping, and sprinted into the dining hall where the gang was having fun and eating to much cake. He yelled between gasps of breath, "Bowser has a new ...huff.... big airship with a ...huff... giant cannon!" He started to gain his breath back. "You guys need to get out of here, while you still can! Bowser sure stepped it up this time! Now go! We will order an immediate evacuation of mushroom city! We will put an invincible shield made up of billions of coins worth of super stars around the castle. GO NOW" Captain toad then ran out side to find the swarm of airships arrived at the city and was destroying everything. They were shooting at buildings and demolishing everything in sight. Screams of people running around in a hope that they would not get shot. A bunch of star shrooms were fighting against them and starting to push them back. Then, a troop of goombas, spinys and other enemies started coming. Captain toad ordered a bunch of toads to get their poison mushroom guns and fend off the troops. As Mario was helping the gang into his go kart so he could drive to safety in Grassy Valley, he saw a small toad, probably just recruited for the mushroom army, look at his family locket and had a tear fall down his eye as he looked at his wife and two kids. He picked up his poison mushroom gun (it was hard for him) and struggled out the door to fight. When Mario saw him he started to stare and think about things. (the camera for this cut scene zooms in on his eyes showing the reflection of Mushroom city being destroyed in one eye and his friends and peach's castle in the reflection other eye) Luigi yelled, "COME ON MARIO WE NEED TO GO" Mario shook his head to get himself out of his daze. He hopped in the kart and drives over to Grassy Valley as the camera pans out and shows the Mega Airship taking up the whole sky and the city on fire with star shrooms and airships shooting at each other.

World 1- Grassy Valley Story Edit

(big cut scene continues) As Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy arrive at Grassy Valley, Peach looked at the Beautiful rolling hills (with waddle wings flying around) of Grassy valley. Then she looked in the distance and saw the huge airship and a city on fire. She started to cry. Mario patted her on back and sat down, starting to cry him self. Daisy and Luigi hugged each other while Yoshi just stared. An airship started fly toward them, but no one noticed because everyone was either crying or staring at the chaos. The ship was piloted by the one and only Bowser Jr. "HAHAHAHA! We destroyed your kingdom! We destroyed your kingdom! NA NA NA NA BOO BOO!" Mario looked at him and just plainly said, "You are going die." Mario then jumped on top of his airship and tried to land a jump on bowser Junior's head. Bowser Jr. then used one of his airship arms and punched Mario away to ground, knocking him out. Luigi yelled "Mario! No!" Bowser junior grabbed Peach and Daisy (only having room for two people in the giant air-ship hand) and flew away toward the Mega airship. Luigi passed out in a state of shock. Junior then, after 20 minutes of flying to Earth's outer atmosphere where the Mega Ship was orbiting earth, told bowser that he kidnapped Peach and Daisy. "Well done Jr.! But of course, knowing Mario, he will try to get them back. But we will not let that happen. By the way, what world are they in right now?" "They are in world, what was its number again... Oh it was 1, which is Grassy Valley." said Junior in response. "Well then, get Roy over to the fortress I built over there to keep Mario from advancing to Deserted Desert, where our base is. But since I did not have time to properly train Roy, he will most likely be defeated. So what to do, what to do..." pondered Bowser. "Hey dad, Maybe we could get Goomboss to occupy the castle in Grassy Valley! He should be some help. And even if he did beat Goomboss, we have our partner, Sandy Snake guarding our castle is deserted desert." said junior "Well then, GET THEM OVER THERE! Now, it is time to fire our mega canon. Tell everyone to brace themselves cuz' this is goin' to rock the whole ship. Also, tell the launchers not to put the canon on full power, because that would blow up the whole planet. Only make it enough to blow up the mushroom kingdom." Later, the canon shot. It would take 20 seconds for the canon ball to reach Earth at its current velocity. Everyone stopped fighting to see the moon sized canon ball hurtle toward earth. People hugged in the streets and held hands to say their final goodbyes. Captain toad ordered his fleet inside the indestructible bubble. The bowser airships tried to follow but couldn't get their within 15 seconds. The ground troops all stared at the canon ball. The one small toad stood their and looked at his locket. A tear dripped onto it. Then the canon ball collided with earth with an explosion bigger than any other. (similar to a nuclear bomb explosion) Mario and Luigi were awakened by the deafening sound. They looked out over the horizon and saw a huge mushroom shaped orange cloud with a bowser head shape in the middle. "No. Its all over. Bowser destroyed the city. He won." Mario said reluctantly. "No. Bowser did not win. We can still defeat him. As long as their is hope we will will find a way to push through. We will get Peach and Daisy back and defeat Bowser!" said Luigi with hope. Yoshi agreed and Mario got up and said "Ok. Lets a go. I think we will need Rosalina's help for this. In the Lava Lake by Delfino Beach, there is a deserted rocket that could take us to the comet observatory. So, it is time to embark on an adventure to the lava lake. So once again, Lets a go."

What World 1-Grassy Valley looks like Edit

Once the long begging cut scene ends, the camera pans out and shows Grassy Valley. Incomplete levels are shown with a red circle and complete levels are shown by a blue circle. The world looks like a grassy plains biome with those tall colorful hills found in most Mario games. In between the fortress and the castle, there is a small lake. On top of the fortress you can see Roy koopa staring at you waiting for you to reach him.

World 1-Grassy Valley boss description Edit

Grassy Valley contains two bosses.

Roy Edit

Roy is a koopaling and is one of bowser's adopted children. Now that you know who Roy is, let's explain the cut scene that plays once you enter the boss door.

"You (replaced with "you guys" if playing in multiplayer) have finally arrived. I'm surprised that you even made it this far! Well, you won't make it any further!" yelled Roy as he pulled a lever to replace the brick floor that they were standing on with glass showing the lava pooled up below. "You stupid little kid think that showing off the lava puddle below us with a glass floor will make us lose? I (replaced with "We" if in multiplayer) have defeated you multiple times in the past and what you think that you will defeat us now?" retaliated Mario "Plus, we have nothing to lose by fighting you." Roy then got triggered and pulled out his bullet bill blaster. The fight was about to ensue.

Roy Fight Edit

In the first phase of the Roy fight, puts a regular Bullet Bill Blaster on his head and proceeds to walk around trying to shoot at Mario (or the rest of the the group if playing in multiplayer) then, Roy accidentally drops the blaster off his head after 30 seconds. Then, Mario (or other players) have ten seconds to jump on Roy's head to initiate the second phase before he picks up the bullet bill blaster again. In the second phase, Roy gets mad and turns his bullet bill blaster into a Homing Bill Blaster. The same thing happens after 30 seconds where he drops his blaster and you have the opportunity for 10 seconds to jump on his head. If you land a jump, Roy gets really angry and puts 3 Homing Bill Blasters on his head. Along with this, he will start ground pounding. If you are on the ground we ground pounds, it will immobilize you for 5 seconds. When, he ground pounds, it breaks piece of glass he was standing on. What you have to do, is get him to ground pound into the lava down below. How you will do this is when Roy jumps in the air to ground pound, he stays suspended in the air for 3 seconds and hovers over where you are. Then after 2 seconds he freezes where he is and does a 1 second flipping animation, then he pounds. You have to jump over a hole in the glass made by an earlier pound and make him pound into that hole. That will defeat Roy and you may move on to level 8.

Cut scene after Roy is defeated Edit

"YES! I (or we) defeated Roy! That little brat deserved it." said Mario. "Wait, OH NO! I forgot that the koopalings have a magic power to turn into dry versions of themselves if they die. CRAP!" Meanwhile in the lava where Roy is melting, "OWW OWW OWWW! I didn't know melting hurt so much! Thankfully I won't die though. BUT IT HURTS!" After an hour, Roy finally swims back to the top of the lava. "Man, I look cool as a skeleton! Especially with my pink shades! Now, let me get to the top of this fortress so I can get to the Mega Airship. 30 minutes later in Bowser's mega airship; "ROY! What happened to you? Did Mario defeat you again?" asked Bowser. "Yes Dad. I'm sorry Dad." said Roy. "It will take a few years to regrow your skin because you are just a child. I just regrew mine last year." said Bowser disappointed. "Well, lets hope Goomboss doesn't fail."

Goomboss Edit

Goomboss was first found in Super Mario 64 DS. He was a boss only fought by yoshi (to my belief). So, there is a cut scene that plays right before you get into the castle. Lets go over it.

Before World 1-Grassy Valley Castle cut scene Edit

"Okay, I think that the debris have stopped raining down. I'm surprised that our shield held up." said captain toad to his army. "Lets head outside to see if there are any survivors." Captain toad and ten of his troops went outside. "My gosh, Its all gone." said one of the toads as he stared into the barren waste land that was once a thriving city. A small locket blew in the wind that was no longer blocked by the towering skyscrapers that used to be. Captain toad then reached up and grabbed the locket. He opened it and a small drop of water fell out. "My lord. This was one of our new recruit's locket. He must have died in the explosion along with his family." Captain toad said as he started to tear up. "It is our job to avenge the millions of innocent lives lost taken by bowser. This is more than enough reason to keep fighting an uphill battle. Now look up there! Bowser's Mega Airship is heading toward grassy valley. We will meet his giant airship there. Our star shrooms are more suited for space combat than their airships. But be warned, their airships can still fight in space along with them having much more vessels than us. We have a few thousand and they have 10 fold. And because of this, we should not attack bowser's mega airship directly, we should attack from the ground. We need to station some troops on the ground and have them shoot at the regular airships circling the mega airship. That should trigger them enough to come down and see what is happening. Then, we will ambush them with our star shrooms from behind. A fight will most likely ensue. I sure hope Mario and them are safe in Grassy Valley." continued Captain Toad. Captain Toad and his toads went back in to the crumbling shield around peaches castle that somehow survived the huge city-demolishing explosion. Captain Toad ordered most his toads into star shrooms and the rest equipped with poison mushroom guns. Then they were ordered to march toward Grassy Valley. When they left the super star shield around Peach's castle, a few super stars faded away from all the damage and made a small part of the roof cave in, exposing the pink flag with a super mushroom on it at the top of the castle. Captain toad then said, "The rest of the shield will soon follow if we do not get more super stars. We can not let this castle be destroyed. If it is, it will mean defeat. This castle has been attacked by Bowser and sent to SPACE for crying out loud! And if it can still stay standing after all these years, then it deserves to be protected." Then they all left toward grassy valley as the camera pans out over the vast, flattened wasteland with some small Skipsqueaks rummaging through the debris. Then after 20 minutes (not in real time) Captain Toad and his fleet arrive in grassy valley. They look at the giant airship taking up half the sky and deploy 20 troops. Captain Toad then flies his command shroom (a modified star shroom) low enough to avoid koopa troop detection across Grassy Valley in search for Mario and the gang. After 10 minutes he finds Mario and them about to enter a castle on the edge of Grassy Valley. Captain Toad lands his command shroom next to Yoshi and gets out. "Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi! (Mario look! It's Captain Toad)" Mario turns around and looks at captain toad, Mario then starts to cry a little, then stops. "Captain Toad! Your alive! I didn't think that you made it into the shield in time," cried Mario" "Well we almost didn't. One of Bowser's Airships made it in with us, we destroyed it before it could cause any damage. Now enough of this. You need to get in that castle now before it gets dark, (it was sunset) because a huge fight is about to happen. Now go! I can't risk a stray poison mushroom or koopa shell or canon ball hitting you guys." yelled Captain Toad. Mario then saw a huge amount of poison mushrooms shot toward the Mega Airship from near the beginning of Grassy Valley. "The attack is beginning," said captain toad."The first phase is us shooting poison mushrooms at the air ships circling the Mega Airship. Then, some of the airships will come down to investigate. Then, our star shroom will come down and ambush them. Then, we will fight them like we have everything to lose, because we do." Captain Toad then looked at the locket. Mario saw him do this and said, "May the Universe be with you." Captain Toad went into his command shroom and zoomed over to the beginning of Grassy Valley.

Then, Mario and them enter the castle.

"Ha!" Laughed bowser Jr. as he was standing on the Mage Airship's 100 mile long deck. "I think I can see the good egg galaxy from up here! Well, anyway, look at all these airships! Mario's dumb army cant even compete against our army! We even have a few million more airships just waiting on the inside of this ship. Plus, we even have 3 more of these Mega Airships orbiting the moon! Ok, King bob-omb! Over here!" King Bob-omb stumbled over to Junior. "Hello, what do you need me for" "Ok, I need you to ride down to where the waste land that was once Mushroom City is with all the rest of the koopalings so that you guys can start building another city. Call it, Neo Bowser City," said Junior with a grin on his face. "Now go!" King Bob-omb hopped into an airship that could fit his bulky size that was just sitting on the edge of the deck. He called all the koopalings, except Roy because he was healing, over to the airship to fly down to Earth. "Ok, Goomba, yeah you, get over here!" yelled bowser junior at a little Goomba walking around on the deck. "Go tell the mechanics on floor 1,334,743-A/56 in the huge room with the engine that is 13 miles long, wide, and tall to fire at 1/8 power at Grassy Valley. That should kill a few of our people, but intern destroy all of Mario's pitty army."

Goomboss Boss Battle cut scene (before fight) Edit

When Mario (and or some other character) enters the boos door, this cut scene plays, "Well, fancy seeing you (you guys) again." Said Goomboss. "Looks like you guys are about to lose the fight" continued Goomboss as he looked at the huge fight in the sunset. "When I look out there, only 1/3 of the ships are star shrooms. Now before bowser kills all your people, let me spare you from that. TIME TO DIE!!!!!!!" The fight begins.

Goomboss Boss Battle Setting Edit

The fight takes place on the roof of the crumbing castle (to be explained in level description) while a huge fight takes place in the sunset with troops on the ground fighting with giant mecha bowsers and Toad-bots (giant robots that look like toads with poison mushroom semi-automatic machine guns) helping in the fight and also star shrooms and airships fighting in the sky with the huge airship aiming its canon at Grassy Valley.

Goomboss Boss Battle Edit

In the first phase, Goomboss walks at you slowly. You have to backwards somersault (or any jump that can get you that high) onto his head. That initiates the second phase. A small 20 second cut scene plays where a burning Airship fell out of sky and hit a hole in the top of the castle, making the fighting arena smaller. On top of this, the cannon falls off and lands on the top of the castle, which periodically shoots out regular bullet bills. The second phase of the battle makes Goomboss mad, and he turns an orange-ish/red color then he starts charging at you between 2 second breaks. His charges are in a strait line. What you do is, during his 2 second break, jump on his head using the same means as last time. When you do, Goomboss falls over and makes the top of the crumbling castle (it is crumbling because all of the stray cannon balls and poison mushrooms from the battle on the ground and sky hitting it) collapse. Another airship falls out of the sky and crashes into the one pole that is keeping the castle from caving in on it self. You are now fighting inside a castle that is falling apart. In this part, you must run straight through the castle again with pieces of the ceiling falling in and obtruding your path. (if it lands on you, you die [a shadow shows where it will land]) Also, Goomboss is red and invincible and is another obstical on your way back to the top of the castle. Once you make it back to the top of the crumbling castle, you are on a crumbling platform where the rest of the castle has already collapsed. Showing the debris 50 feet below you and the battle in the sky above you. Goomboss charges up his final attack and when he is about to hit you, a burning star shroom crashes into the platform, making Goomboss fall to his death. While you are standing on the other half of the platform. Then a cut scene starts to play

Cut scene after Goomboss Boss Battle Edit

"Yes I (or we) defeated Goomboss! But what now, I (or we) am (or are) on top of the castle and I (or we) could fall to my (or our) death!" screamed Mario (or some other character). "Ill help!" screamed captain toad out of his command ship. Captain toad then hovered next to the platform, afraid that if he landed on it, he would make it fall. "Come jump on top! there is a hatch on top!" Then the character(s) jumped on top of the ship and captain toad opened the hatch to let them in. They went in. "Ok, we got to get out of here. See that Mega Airship up in sky?! (it would be kinda hard not to) It is aiming its cannon this way! We all know what happened last time." A few toads working the electronics nodded their heads. "So I'll go pick up your Kart and call the rest of our army to retreat." Said Captain Toad. "BOOOOOM!" The cannon shot. Once again, they had twenty seconds. Captain Toad yelled into his microphone, "ALL TOADS STOP BATTLING! RETREAT IMMEDIATELY!" Mario looked outside and saw a swarm of star shrooms retreating. The cannon ball would hit in 15 seconds. Yoshi looks out the window and takes one last look at the rolling hills of Grassy Valley in the sunset. 10 seconds. An airship starts to give chase to the Command Ship. A star shroom shoots it out of the sky immediately, but not before a cannon ball hits the window and shatters it. The air rushing out the window knocks the locket off a chair on the inside and the locket shoots out the window. A flash of blinding white light happened. Then when the white light went a away, their ears almost burst by the sound of the impact. Another cloud with a 

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