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Super Mario 3D Land 2 is the sequel of Super Mario 3D Land. Not much is known except some of the items, enemies and worlds.



  • Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Tanooki Leaf
  • Star
  • Koopa Shell
  • Mega Mushroom
  • Boomerange Flower
  • Hammer Flower
  • Bee Suit
  • Boo Suit
  • Invisi-Suit
  • Flutter Wing


  • Invincible Tanooki- Keeps you invincible for the hole game and acts like the Tanooki Suit. Unlockable once losing 5 or more lives.
  • Pole Wing: Transports you to the Goal Pole. Unlockable once losing 7 lives.


Name First Appearance
Koopa Troopa Mushroom Kingdom
Shy Guy Mushroom Kingdom
Goomba Mushroom Kingdom
Grand Goomba Mushroom Kingdom
Tanooki Goomba Mushroom Kingdom
Coin Coffer Mushroom Kingdom
Spiney Toad Desert
Pokey Toad Desert
Piranha Plant Toad Desert
Desert Gnomes Toad Desert
Pukka Plant Delfino Island
Clam Shell Delfino Island
Fire Bro. Delfino Island
Hammer Bro. Delfino Island
Ice Bro. Delfino Island
Boomerang Bro. Delfino Island
Foo Sky Lane
Lakitu Sky Lane
Cheep Cheep Koopa Beach
Blooper Koopa Beach
Water Koopa Koopa Beach
Boo Ghost House
Peepa Ghost House
Mega Boo Ghost House
Tanooki Boo Ghost House
Dry Bones Bowser Jr's Airship
Thwomp Bowser Jr's Airship
Whomp Bowser Jr's Airship
Bullet Bills Bowser Jr's Airship
Tanooki Bills Bowser Jr's Airship
Banzai Bills Bowser Jr's Airship
King Bill Bowser Jr's Airship
Lava Bubbles Bowser Island 1

Bowser Island 1


Name First Appearance
Freezie Rosalyn's Ice Palace
Ice Mole Rosalyn's Ice Palace.
Piranha Sarasa Plant Sarasaland
Snifit Sarasaland


World No. of Levels Description of World
Mushroom Kingdom 5 The easiest of them all. The basic enemies appear: Koopas, Shy Guys and Goombas. The boss is Bowser.
Toad Desert 5 The world is set in the Desert owned by Toad. The level features Spineys, Pokeys, Desert Gnomes and Piranha Plants The Boss is Zombie Toad.
Delfino Island 6 This world has piantas helping Mario. Enemies like Pukka Plants appear. Bowser Jr. (dressed as a pianta) is the boss.
Sky Lane 6 The world is set in the skies of the Mushroom Kingdom. Foos can block your sight while Lakitus throw spiked sheels at you. Mega Lakitu is the boss
Koopa Beach 7 The level is quite easier than Sky Lane. Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers and Water Koopas make their appearance. Water Bowser is the boss.
Ghost House 7 BOO! Time to face your fears of ghosts. Boos and Peepas appear as well as the normal Koopas and Goombas. King Boo is the boss of the level.
Bowser Jr's Airship 6 Dry Bones, Thwomps, Whomps,Tanooki Bullet Bills, Bullet Bills, Banzai Bills and a few King Bills appear. Tanooki Banzai Bill is the boss of the level.
Bowser's Island 1 8 This is set on a Mountain to the top of the volcano. Lava Bubbles and Magmaarghs make their appearance. The boss is Dry Bowser and Kamek
Bowser's Island 2 10 The second part to Bowser's Island 1. Unlockable by defeating Dry Bowser and Kamek. The Island is set on the volcano and near the end, an acid lake. The boss is Bowser, then once "defeating" him the first time, Mega Bowser.


World No. of Levels Description of World
Mushroom Castle 10 Originally called Peach's Palace, but changed to Mushroom Castle. The enemies from Mushroom Kingdom to Sky Lane appear in the levels. Boom Boom is the boss.
Rosalyn's Ice Palace 10 This level features two new enemies. Freezies and Ice-Moles. The boss is Pon Pon.
Sarasaland 10 Daisy appears to assist in a few levels, along with two Toads and Birdo. The level has Piranha Sarasa Plants and Snifits are the enemies. The bosses of the level is the Koopalings. 1 after each level except the first 3.


Mushroom KingdomEdit

  • MK-1: The level is basic and only features Goombas, Tanooki Goombas, Koopa Troopas and Shy Guys.
  • MK-2: none is known about this level
  • MK-3: none is known about this level.
  • MK-4: Grand Tanooki Goombas return from the first Super Mario 3D Land. The Teleport Stars are harder to find!
  • MK-5 (MK-Boss is PAL regions.): The boss castle of the level. Bowser is the main boss. Obstacles like Fire Wheels and Fire-rangs appear.

Toad DesertEdit

  • TC-1
  • TC-2
  • TC-3
  • TC-4
  • TC-Boss

Delfino IslandEdit

  • DI-1

Sky LaneEdit

Koopa BeachEdit

Ghost HouseEdit

Bowser Jr's AirshipEdit

Bowser's Island 1Edit

Bowser's Island 2Edit

Extra WorldsEdit

Mushroom CastleEdit

Rosalyn's Ice PalaceEdit


Honey Queen's Honey House*Edit

Donkey Kong Isle*Edit

* means: Not appearing in final production.

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