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The Gameplay Of Super Mario 3ds is similar to that of Super Mario 64.You must collect Stars and Grand Stars And find Secrets, but there are many new Features: you can play as Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. You travel all over the Mushroom World trying to defeat the Antagonist, who is Wart (from SMB2), not Bowser.

Characters (playable): Wario, Mario, Luigi, Waluigi.

Items: Ice Flower, Fire Flower, Metal Mushroom (not cap), Red Star, Cloud Flower, Boo Mushroom, Yoshi/Birdo.

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

World 1 Boss: Whomp King

World 2: Isle Delfino

World 2 Boss: Bowser Jr.

World 3: Bowser's Lava Land

World 3 Boss: Bowser

World 4: Sarasaland

World 4 Boss: Tatanga

World 5: Wario Land

World 5 Boss: Capitan Syrup

World 6: Dry Dry Desert

World 6 Boss: King Boo

World 7: Dino Island

World 7 Boss: Dark Yoshi

World 8: Subcon

World 8 Boss: Wart

World 9(bonus) : Retro Land

World 9 Boss: N/A

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