Super Mario: Two Sisters of a Kind is a fanon game for the Wii U that came out in Fall 2015. It was made by Nintendo (not really).

Eshop Description:Edit

Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser again, who puts her in his new machine: the Darkonator, who trys to turn Peach evil and make her love him, FOREVER! Mario & Luigi goes save her, but is stuck by a portal, who sends the bros in! How can they come out and save Peach if their stuck in a alternate dimension! How can Princess Cherry help! Find out in this game! You can do it, Mario!


An Alternate Dimension appears! Peach turns evil?! See the Cherry Princesses! A brand new adventure that Mario fans will never forget in HD. 


PROLOGUE: Welcome to the Cherry Kingdom!

In the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach and Mario were going for a walk. Suddenly, Bowser came in his Koopa Clown Car, and kidnapped Peach! She then was taken to Bowser's Castle to be put in a machine called the Darkonator, a machine that Bowser said "That will make you mine." Mario hurried up and told Luigi to come. When they were running to Bowser's Castle, they were stopped by a portal that sent them in! When they got in it, they were taken to an alternate dimension, where they fell asleep.

~WORLD 1: Kiwi Plains~Edit

Mario and Luigi then woke up beside Princess Cherry. Cherry said "OMG! THE MARIO BROS! Are you ok?" Mario said "Yes. But where are we, and who are you?" Cherry said: "I'm Princess Cherry. Welcome to the Cherry Kingdom!" "Luigi said: Have you seen a Princess named Peach?" "Cherry said: I don't know who she is, but I saw Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car with this yellow haired princess wearing a Pink dress saying MARIO!!!" Mario said "THAT'S PEACH! I need to SAVE HER!" Cherry said "Can I come too? I could use my hover power to help you guys!" Mario and Luigi: "YES!" Then, Cherry is unlocked and the story begins.

WORLD 1-1: Spinach Meadow: It introduces the Super Spinach, that turns Mario, and Luigi into a Horse version of themselves. As Horse, they can run faster. When Cherry or another female character tries this, they turn into a Pony instead. Also introduces Flea Goombas and Cat Koopas.

WORLD 1-2: Upland Underground: The first underground level, with Ice-Piranha-Plants

WORLD 1-3: Bouncy Barnyard: A Farm with Spring Mario and lots of Springs.

WORLD 1-BOSS: Pigtop's Crazy Circus/Pigtop's Trampoline Circus A circus with trampolines to jump on top of Pigtop as Spring Mario. When Pigtop is defeated, you will get a Red Rainbow Diamond. Figino is kidnapped here and is stuck in Pigtop's tummy, turning him into a pig until you defeat Pigtop.

  • Italian is the North American Name.

CUTSCENE: What are Rainbow Diamonds?

Cherry then explains that once, there was a land without color near the Cherry Kingdom called the Corn Kingdom. The Corn Kingdom didn't have any color, because that the Princess of the land named Princess Sunset had to do it, or a curse would be on her making everything she said not true. She had to put the color somewhere, so she made the Rainbow Diamonds to put it in. They each then fell away to this kingdom afterwards. Rumor said that Bowser also kidnapped Sunset after that was made. The legend says that if 7 heroes got all of the Rainbow Diamonds after a evil is defeated, Sunset will be released from the cage, and a secret of me will be revealed. After that, they head off to World 2: Cheesecake Desert, but they get a letter from Peach first. It said "Dear Mario, Bowser is trying to make me evil with the Darkonator! Sorry if I hurt your or I say I don't love you when I'm evil. Just defeat me if I am! Here's 3 1-Ups, for you. Oh no. I think i'm starting to turn evil. Please help me! -Peach". 

A cutscene then plays of Figino lying on the ground seeing Mario, Luigi and Princess Cherry heading to Cheesecake Desert. Figino decides to come along and introduces himself to Mario and Luigi. After he introduces himself, he is unlocked to play. He can run faster.

-WORLD 2: Cheesecake Desert-Edit

This world introduces the Cheese Flower, a flower turning the player into a Mouse form. They can strangely go under sand and not get hurt. Cheeselings are also introuduced here too. A princess named Apple is kidnapped here in this world. The boss is Sewer Rat from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, who can now clone itself into 4 copies of itself, with Princess Apple being held in a Cheese cage. 

WORLD 2-1: Cheesling Pyramid: It introduces the Cheese Flower & Cheeslings.

WORLD 2-2: Koopa Troopa Oasis: An Oasis and the first water-land level.

WORLD 2-3: Cheese Land Advanced/Cheesecake Desert Raceway: Based off of Cheese Land from Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

WORLD 2-4: Sewer Rat's Pipeland Desert: A fight battle VS Sewer Rat. The level contains a pipe that goes underwater, into another pipe into a house. Sewer Rat is beaten in the same way as in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, but the house is bigger and he can clone into 4 copies of himself that will attack the player until their defeated. When Sewer Rat is defeated, Princess Apple will be free from her cage. The Orange Rainbow Diamond will come out, and Princess Apple will be unlocked. A second letter from Peach will then come out. It said "Dear strange plumber brothers. If your asking who we are, the answer will be soon to be the rulers of the world! I'm Princess Peach Toadstool, the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. And today, I'm going to get married to Bowser, after I bring the princess in Orange in here to become a Koopa! In fact, I will become one too after your done reading this letter. It's fun to be evil! >:) From the future queen of the Koopas, Princess Peach Toadstool." Mario and his friends were so shocked, they ran to the next world.

-WORLD 3: Blueberry Beach-Edit

The Penguin Suit Returns! The boss is Glooper Blooper because why not. Princess Grape is kidnapped here.

WORLD 3-1: Under the Sea

WORLD 3-2: The Mysterious 8-Bit Kingdom

WORLD 3-3: Delfino Plaza

WORLD 3-4: Gooper Blooper's Revenge

TBC for rest

Super Mario: Two Sisters of a Kind/Peach's Letters


This is the second time Peach turns evil in the games, with the first by the Shadow Queen possessing her in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

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