Princess Toadstool gets her Castle torn down by a pack of Sledge Bros., then it gets rebuilt.

Mario then gets invited to bring all his friends and go eat some Pie at a party celebrating the new Castle.

But nobody comes out of the Castle for 3 weeks!

So Pat The Parakoopa tells Bloog. Bloog goes in the castle, then goes through 20 courses, and also unlocks Mario and his friends. Then Mario goes in the Basement, and uses all his stars to unlock a "Boo Door" then sees a painting of Bowser locked up in a cage. He jumps in, and finds himself in an underground Labyrinth. At the end, he fights Bowser. Obviously, Mario won. Then Mario counts his Power Stars, and Mario finds out, he needs one more. Then he goes back to the Basement, and the Bowser painting changed, to a painting of a grave stone, saying "Rest In Piece, Mario" confused, Mario jumps in, this time, He's in a Labyrinth floating in Outer Space. This time, he fights Bowser right away. After he defeats Bowser, Bowser explodes, his blood floats off the ground, and forms into a Red Star. Once Mario touches the Red Star, he turns into an Angel, and flies to Mushroom Kingdom, as he touches the ground, he turns back to regular Mario, then, it starts raining, a puddle of mud then floats off the ground, and forms into Princess Toadstool. Princess Toadstool then tells Mario to follow her inside, so the party can start. Pat The Parakoopa flies up, and stairs at the Player, saying "You Deserve To Party, Too!" and the screen says "Bowser: Terminated"

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