Super Mario's Time Machine 2
Nintendo EAD
Wii U, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS
2D/3D Platformer
ESRB: Everyone
1-2 Players

Super Mario's Time Machine 2 is the Sequel to Super Mario's Time Machine in a Alternative Reality. It was Made and Published by Nintendo EAD.


50 Years of the Mario Series and that's a Big Celebration. The Mario Bros. and the Mushroom Citizens and Koopa Citizens and even the Past Selves were there. But as it looks Modern and Classic Bowser stole the Bro Emerald and sent everyone back in time. Modern and Classic Mario woke up back in the Time Vortex everyone's a statue and it was up to them to turn them back and get the Bowsers.

But as it turns out, the Bowsers were statues (Along with the Porta-Pottys they were in). But also as it turns out, Modern and Classic Bowser have no idea about doing Evil. Meaning some Bowser Doppleganger is causing the trouble.

As it turns out, 2 Dark Bowsers (Modern and Classic) showed up. As Bowser Clones pocessed by the Dark Star, they will have to destroy anything they can.

Time PeriodsEdit

Levels you can go to.

Classic EraEdit

The Era where The Classic Bros, live

Modern EraEdit

The Era where The Modern Bros. live

Original EraEdit

Before the Bros. go to the Mushroom Kingdom

Reality EraEdit

Since this took place in a Alternative Timeline, there is an Era of the Real Timeline.

Prehistoric EraEdit

The Era of the Mushroom Kingdom's Past

Futuristic EraEdit

The Era of the Mushroom Kingdom's Future

Broken EraEdit

The Era before the Big Bang

End EraEdit

The Era after the End of Time


Not Finished

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