Super Luigi Universe is a 3D platformer game in the Super Mario series. It shows everything Luigi goes through in Mario Galaxy while Mario is getting stars. The game is the 3rd Mario game specifically about Luigi.

Plot Edit

The Game follows Luigi's adventures through Super Mario Galaxy, through his side of the story. Luigi has been invited to Princess Peach's Castle for The Star Festival. He arrives a few minutes before Mario does. As he sits in the lounge with the toads, the castle is lifted from the ground, and launched into space. Having been knocked out on some furniture, he awakens to Bowser and his henchmen above him and the toads. While he saves the toads from Bowser, and they escape into different galaxies, he is trapped with Bowser and Peach. After he attempts to help her escape, and finds a hidden star in the castle, Bowser decides he's had enough of Luigi, and secures him into a haunted mansion, in a hidden galaxy. After Mario rescues him, Luigi decides he's going to help Mario retrieve hidden stars through out the universe. After collecting the three stars Mario needs, Luigi decides he will send news of Mario's return throughout the universe. From there he will thwart Bowser's plans, and help Mario discover new Galaxies. At the of the game, Luigi will fight Bowser before Mario gets there, but is killed in the chaos. Luigi awakens, in a distant universe, with Rosalina above him. She tells him he is not dead, but a strange energy now flying through the universe. He is told if Mario saves the grand star, he will be revived on Earth, in the castle. After Mario beats Bowser, Luigi awakens in the castle, gets up, and walks outside to meet his brother.

Gameplay Edit

The game plays quite similar to Mario Galaxy, with minor tweaks. While controlling Luigi is the same as Mario, the game's mechanics are different. Instead of collecting stars, you travel the universe making things easier for Mario. The Wii-Mote is used about the same way in this, that it was for Galaxy.

Critic Reaction Edit

The game has been received quite well. Critics love the controls, calling them phenomenal. Most complaints arise from the amount of text, and how the game is frustratingly difficult. However the lowest score from a major critic was an 88%.