Super Luigi 64 is a game for the Nintendo 64 where Luigi has to save Daisy from Bowser. The game is very similar to Super Mario 64, but they is some differences. 


  • you fight the thwomp prince instead of the whomp king.
  • they is 200 stars to collect
  • you fight bowser 5 times
  • you fight bowser in his office, which he has a computyer called lii' lolve
  • the majoraty of the music is 64's origianal but backwards. 

These are just some of the differances. help wikia by writing more


Luigi is invited to Daisy's castle for some ice cream. However, when he arrives, he sees Bowser with Daisy. He rips the castle roof off and go's into one of the paintings. But Luigi is stupid, so he forgot which one. So he tries 6 of the courses, but they is no Daisy. Luigi goes to sleep, forgeting about Daisy. He has a dream in which he flushes himself down a toilet and Bowser kills him.

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