Super Luigi is a game starring Luigi for the Nintendo Wii. The story starts when Shy Guys attack Peach's castle. As the game progresses, you gain more abilities, characters and areas.

The game art for Luigi

The game also features many levels from Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels and many other classic titles. The game is controlled the same way as Super Paper Mario, except with different button combinations for different moves.


  • 1.Luigi and Mario are invited over for a picnic by Princess Peach. Mario leaves early, but Luigi stays in bed. Later on that day, Luigi heads to the Princess's castle, which he finds in ruins. A note is left by General Guy telling Luigi that if he wants to se the Princess and his brother again, he would have to come to the newly built Shy Guy palace. When Luigi makes it inside dressed as a Shy Guy, he finds Peach suspended in a cage and Mario chained to a large stone pillar. This then leads on to the first boss battle: Giant Boo.
  • 2.Luigi defeats the first boss and watches the Shy Guy palace crumble into ruins. But Mario and Peach don't come out. Luigi heads to Mushroom City, where he meets Toadsworth. He tells Luigi that he thinks many of Mario's old enemies have plotted this scheme to defeat him once and for all so they can take over the Mushroom Kingdom.


Most worlds contains 4 levels.


  • I-1: Shy Guy palace
  • I-Boss: Giant Boo

World 1: Mushroom CityEdit

  • 1-1: Mushroom City Streets
  • 1-2: Mushroom Gardens
  • 1-3: Princess Peach's Castle Grounds
  • 1-4: Princess Peach's Castle
  • 1-Boss: Bowser

World 2: Mushroom Kingdom

  • 2-1: Overworld (NES SMB 1-1)
  • 2-2: Underground (NES SMB 1-2)
  • 2-3: Mushroom Heights (NES SMB The Lost Levels 1-3)
  • 2-4: Mushroom Port
  • 2-Boss: Gooper Blooper