Super Lego Mario Bros is a game for the Wii that will be released on February 31st, 20XX.


It is about Bowser kidnapping the princess and using the Brick Rod to make the entire world made of Legos. Mario, Luigi and other heroes must find the Gold Bricks to build the door to Bowser's fort/

World 1Edit

The Blocky Hills: Stage one, Brick one: Over the Hills: Mario must climb the hills to get the first Gold Brick. However, Bowser's minion- Brickgoom, Lego Megagoomba- stands high on the last hill.

Stage one, brick two: Beneath the Highest hill: Mario must get the Fire Flower and shoot the ice bricks , to go into a secret cavern and get a gold brick.

Stage one, Brick three: Destroy Brickingham Palace!: Bowser has built a dungeon... that Mario can't get into! Mario must find the Antibrick Shroom and destroy the palace!

This game is not related to Super Mario Bros.: A LEGO Adventure.