Super Bowser Wii is a game where Bowser goes through the courses Mario goes through in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


World 1Edit

1-1. This is the first part of the game and you are the regular size of Bowser when you start. You will first get a Super Mushroom that makes you Super Bowser. Yoiu can go through a circle pipe to get a lot of coins then go through a yellow pipe an you skip having to stomp Goompas. Then you jump and get 3 coins and and hopefully land on a pipe. The then stomp some Goompas then jump on three pipes and get the flag and then get a proppeller muhroom to get the first Star Coin. Then you can get some coins by flying in their rythm after that if you get hit by a Goompa you lose your proppeler form but you can get another proppeler mushroom and fly up to get 8 red coins to get an extra life and you can fly the rest of the way to get to the flag and hopefully get an extra life so you can fiinsh the course.

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