Super Bowser Kart is the first installment of the Bowser Kart series.

Playable CharactersEdit

The game features these character in their weight classes.

Light WeightEdit

Medium WeightEdit

Heavy WeightEdit

Bonus CharacterEdit

There is a bonus character if you beat all of the courses. He is The Litttle Alien, a character from Toy Story. Also, the symbol of the Poison Mushroom Course is a poison mushroom, pictured in the gallery.


There are four cups, which all have five courses in each.

Poison Mushroom CupEdit

Bowser's Castle - A track through Bowser's castle

Bob-omb Battlefield - A track through Super Mario 64's first course.

Bowser Jr's Battleship - A trip through Bowser Jr's now extended battleship from Super Mario Galaxy.

Dry Bowser's Lair - A track through the lair of Dry Bowser.

Shifting Sand Land - A track through the sandy course from Super Mario 64.

Koopa CupEdit

Shell City - A track on a large koopa shell.

Goomba Fortress - A track nearby Goomboss's fortress from Super Mario 64 DS.

Chief Chilly's Ice Fortress - A track through the slippery and icy fortress of Chief Chilly from Super Mario 64 DS.

Dark Rainbow Road - A darker version of everyone's favorite course, Rainbow Road.

Goomba CupEdit

Bully Avenue - A trackm full of bumping and ramming bullies.

The Street - A street full of Bowser's semi-trucks.

The DK Adventure - A trip through the course of the original Donkey Kong arcade game.

The Last Bumpy Course - A track through a very bumpy course.

Bonus CoursesEdit

You can unlock Bonus Courses throughout the game.

They are Pirahna Plant Road, Ghost Valley, and Scuttle Avenue.


  • The name of the course, Shell City, is a reference to Shell City from the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

Gallery of Character Promotional Box ArtEdit

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