Super Bowser Bros?!? is a Mario fan fiction game for the Wii.


This game follows Bowser after his failure in Super Mario Galaxy. His entire army, except for him and two Goombas, have been locked up. Guarding his minions are a part of Peach's new guard, which consists of Toads, Bees, Penguins, Gearmos, Star Bunnies, and some Lumas. The Royal Guard also consists of major characters like Yoshi and Wario. Before starting the level, which is a 2D side-scroller, Bowser can use one or more of his minions to distract the guards, making it easier to free the minions held captive. For each of the 10 worlds (8 normal, 2 hidden) there is a boss guard, in which Bowser attempts to free another boss from Galaxy, like Dino Piranha or his son. The final battle is at Peach's castle, which ends with Bowser kidnapping Peach, setting up the plot for the next Mario game.


This game plays like New Super Mario Bros. but with longer levels and smoother graphics. Bowser takes damage like Mario. When at his smallest size, one hit kills him. He grows by eating meat acquired from '?' blocks, and can breathe fire after eating hot sauce.



  • This is the first non-WarioWare game to feature Diamond City.
  • Many of the worlds are similar to the worlds in the New Super Mario Bros. games.

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