The Skilled and Clever
Summer Winters
Businesslady of the Skyworld
Born Summer Linda Winters
April 24, 1994
Sesna-Willis Skyport
Residence Nomad
Nationality Skyworld
Other names
  • Linda
  • Summer (In Summer)
  • Winter (In Winter)
Ethnicity 1/2 Human, 1/2 Flinn
Citizenship Skyworld
Education Business Bachelor's Degree
Area of Education Skyworld Academy
  • Merchant
  • Adventurer
Years active 2009 - present
Organization Capital Market Administration
Style Prepared and Defensive Style
Influenced by
Influenced World Economy
Home town Sesna-Willis Skyport
Salary 40,000 coins (£400,000)
Height 5' 3"
Term Until retirement
Political party Capitalist
Political movement
  • Capitalist Movement
  • Marketer's Rondevouz
Board member of
  • Capial Marketing Administration
  • Capialist Community
Partner Fina Winters
Awards Merchant of the Year

Summer Winters is a teenage female Human from Skyworld and partners in crime with her sister, Fina Winters. They have different last names because they had them legally changed. Summer is the leader of a 4-person group called the Franchise Arts and Skills, a group she started, that has many specialties and uses them to make businesses in Flee Markets. Her group uses their money that they make in Flee Markets for a living, to pay for travelling costs, and to learn new Skills to teach in their Flee Markets. She doesn't have the dominent heredity of being a Flinn like her sister and some other friends, but she does know how to run the group and always knows what to do and how to lead. Sometimes they are needed for some of their important Skills in the Mushroom Kingdom and other Nations of the World.

Skills and Talents Edit

Summer Winters' business is teaching Skills and the Arts to consumers for Coins, these skills are tought and sold at Flee Markets. In her group of 4, each person specializes in their own Skills to be tought. This is what her specialties are:

*Required to know by entire group.

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