Stranded is an Original Story Created by User: Cosmic The Hedgehog.

Plot Edit

This Story Begins with Mario and Luigi along with Princess Peach Ridding in The Princess Jet. all of a Sudden they are under attck. the Jet gets blown up and they end up on a Boat. the Cruise of Bowser Boat. A Commercial comes on telling them that this boat was invented by Bowser so tourists could have fun. The Cruise director runs up to Mario and Co. and tells them that they have to be assigned Rooms and be given Scheduals before they can do anything else......................See More in the Actual issues of Stranded.

Issues Edit

This is a 25 Issue Mini-Series which if liked will be countinued into another Mini-Series.

1. Stranded

2. Cruise De Bowser

3. Surfing the Net

4. Demon Lantern

5. Party Deck

6. Costume Chang

7. Nine Lives

8. Burning Up

9. Through the Shadows Part 1: Heve Ho

10. Through the Shadows Part 2: Storm at Sea

Through the Shadows Part 2: Storm at Sea will be the First of the Connecting arcs that will Possibley Lead straight into Desert Hills. Keep Tuned for More.

Information Edit

There Might be a Stranded Game Based on the Events that Occur in this story.

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