Sapphire of the Stars
Sapphire in Super Mario Galaxy
First appearance Galaxy of Lumas
Appears in Galaxy of Lumas
Super Mario Galaxy
Adventures on the Comet Observatory
Adventures on the Comet Observatory 2: The Way of the Luma
Luma Party
Lumalee, Lumabop
Homeland Comet Observatory
Kindred Opal of the Stars
Ruby of the Stars
Topaz of the Stars
Race Luma

Sapphire of the Stars was born on the Comet Observatory shortly before Mario's visit. He guarded the Fountain at the Comet Observatory. He had three siblings: Opal of the Stars (Pink Luma), Ruby of the Stars (Red Luma), and Topaz of the Stars (Yellow Luma). His biological parents were Emerald of the Stars (Mother; Green Luma) and Amethyst of the Stars (Father; Purple Luma and Prankster Comet Know-It-All).

Early LifeEdit

Sapphire spent his childhood on the Comet Observatory, playing with his siblings and with friends such as Sunshine (a Yellow Luma) and Sky (a fellow Blue Luma). He vacationed with his family to various galaxies including Beach Bowl Galaxy and Freezeflame Galaxy. Eventually, he became the Guardian of the Fountain on the Comet Observatory's assistant.

Super Mario GalaxyEdit


Sapphire was very "patriotic" of the Comet Observatory and loyal to his "mama" (Princess Rosalina). He helped Mario and Luigi whenever and however he could, wanting to restore his home and Rosalina's happiness. He sacrificed his life during the destruction of Bowser's galaxy to save Mario and Peach. He was eventually reborn and returned to the Comet Observatory as official "Guardian of the Fountain".

Guardian to GalaxyEdit

Sapphire spent the next few centuries on the Observatory, but later became a galaxy called "Sapphire of the Stars" (after himself).

Sapphire of the Stars GalaxyEdit

This galaxy contained many planets, all oceanic and some even icy, and was a great tourist attraction. It was regarded as paradise because the planets varied from Colossal Coast World, a sunny planet full of beaches, to Arctic Chill World, a planet full of freezing oceans and icebergs, so there's something for everyone.

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