Prabhu Koopa
Baddest futtermucker in the Koopa Kingdom.
Citizenship Koopa Kingdom
Occupation Adventurer
Style Brute Force
Height 4' 2
Weight 120 lbs.
Religion Atheist
Criminal status Reformed Felon

Prabhu Koopa is a young koopa from the Koopa Kingdom who frequently makes trips to the Mushroom Kingdom to hang out with his friends Richard, Bella, and Gaduche. He believes himself to be the baddest "futtermucker" in the Koopa Kingdom.


Prabhu is headstrong and something of a jerk. his confidence in his striength leads him to shoot his mouth off irresponsibly, occasionally leading to dangerous situations with people he really shouldn't have insulted. However, he genuinely cares for his friends, and for his pet chain-chomps who he calls Army and Legion. He does enough good deeds, often out of boredom, to be considered in the neutral of the Good/Evil spectrum, and really doesn't have the heart for wanton cruelty.


Prabhu has exceptional striength, which gives him an edge in hand-to-hand combat. He has no formal training with fighting, however, and relies on beating his opponent down with sheer force. The winged shell on his back was inherited from his grandfather, and allows him to fly. It also provides a shield which he can hide inside, the spikes on the back damaging any enemies who dare attack.


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