Portabella Goomba
Bella Goomba
Born Portabella Constantine Goomba
June 15, 1997
Goomba Village, Mushroom Kingdom
Residence Goomballa Place
Other names Bella
Occupation Adventurer
Known for Her good looks
Style Synthpop
Height 2' 0
Weight Secret
Religion Practical Agnosticism

Portabella Goomba, also called Bella, is a young Goomba with a thirst for excitement. She refuses to let the fact that she has no arms get her down, and often joins her friends Richard, Prabhu, and Gaduche on their journeys.


Bella has been described as spirited, and she tries to be friendly to everyone she meets. However, she can become overenthusiastic, which leads her to charge headfirst into challenges without much forethought. She's not particularly book smart, but she is very clever, meaning she can work her way out of most jams. At times, she likes to wind down, and just relax, preferably in the company of a close friend.


Bella feels no pain when her hair is pulled. No, seriously. Some have taken this to mean that her hair is faked, but she has revealed on multiple occasions that that is her real hair. Her primary attack is her Headbonk, which involves her slamming her head into her opponent.


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