Playable Drybones

Dry Bones was found as a playable character in New Super Mario Bros. by MoMo6!

How to Get Glitch working Edit

Go on one of the Final Five levels. Start going up the level until you come to the second cliff. Use the Dance action. Wait a few minutes until the screen starts to turn yellow. Then jump off the cliff. You'll notice you will not lose the level but you will just float in midair. wait a few more minutes until Mario turns blue. Then start going up the level until you see a Dry bones. Run into him and he will disappear, but you will be turned into him! Now you can start playing levels as dry Bones! But how do you get turned back to regular Mario? simply turn off your DS and reboot the game! Your back to regular Mario and you can be Dry Bones at any time again!

Playable Drybones 2

Controls Edit

  • Move = +
  • Jump = A
  • Dance = A, B, Y, X.
  • fireball = B, Y.
  • Eat Spaghetti = Y, J, H, G, M, D, T, U, S.
  • Super Industrial Attack = Eat Spaghetti, then jog for 50 minutes, then press a, go to sleep, jump of a cliff, find a four leaf clover, do the worm, type something here.
  • Die = Break your DS.

Super Industrial Move Edit

Dry Bones hides inside his shell then starts rolling around the stage, increasing power every time he hits a wall. He then starts smashing enemy's out of the way before he destroys the entire DS. This special attack can defeat bosses in one shot and can do a bunch of other stuff. but be careful not to make him get to powerful or he will destroy your DS.

Other character glitches Edit

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