Father of Princess Peach
Peitro Papi Mendez
Husband of Princess Skyla
Born Peitro Papi Russo Mendez
Died Princess Peach's birthday (became bowser)
Cause of death A fatal attack from bowser switched the two bodies but Peitro is in controll every May 18th.
Body discovered none
Resting place none
Monuments at Princess Skyla's grave

Toadsville (fake peitro)

Castle (bowser)
Other names Bowser

Peitro Mendez was to Princess Slyla as Mario was to Princess Peach. He was batteling Bowser one day when they switched bodies, causing Bowser to become Peitro and Peitro to become Bowser. Skyla had had her daughter with Peitro's blue eyes and blonde hair, and finally believed on her deathbed.

Now, Peitro does his best imitation of a normal citizen, and is desprately hated by Bowser.

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