The Peanut Butter Galaxy is a galaxy found in Super Mario Galaxy 5. It is located in World 1 and needs 1 Star to unlock.

Peanut Butter Galaxy
Stars Needed
Butterball x2
Speedy Comet, Purple Comet
A Sticky Mess, The Wrath of Butterball, The Broken Planet, Butterball Speed Run, Super Sticky Purple Coins, Star Chip Hunt


A Sticky MessEdit

For this level, Mario starts on the starting planet about halfway up on the tower. He should go up the tower while destrying a few Goombas and avoiding some Peanut Sludgies. At the top of the planet there is a launch star that takes him to the sticky planet. On the sticky planet, Mario needs to find the launch star while avoid some more Peanut Sludgies. The launch star takes him to the atom planet. Mario should go to the top of the red section a destroy the Grand Goomba, which makes tube appear that takesh im to inside of the planet. Inside, Mario needs to avoid enemies to get ot a launch star, which launches him to a another ection of the planet. There, he needs ot destroy an Elite Peanut Sludgie to make the launch star appears. The launch star takes him to the rocket planet. On the rocket planet, Mario needs to free three Toad from the controls of an Elite Peanit Sludgie, and then destroy the it. One of the Toads will then reward Mario with a Power Star.

Planets VisitedEdit

Starting Planet

Sticky Planet

Atom Planet

Rocket Planet



Grand Goomba

Peanut Sludgie

Elite Peanut Sludgie

The Wrath of ButterballEdit

For this star, Mario stars on the base of the starting planet, and should avoid some Peanut Sludgies to get to the launch star behind the towr. This launch star will take Mario to the slipery planet. On the slipery planet, Mario needs to find a Luma, who will transform into a launch star if Mario gives him 20 star bits. From there, Mario goes to the face planets, where he needs to find 5 blue star chips to make 2 pull star appear. He will also need to destroy a Grand Goomba to make the launch star appear. The launch star will take him to the fortress planet. Mario needs to get to the top of the planet, and then the battle with Butterball will begin. Butterball needs to be hit 4 times to be destroyed. Mario should go to a small circular raised platform and jump on it. He should then jump and hold A so he can climb on the horizontal fence. Mario should climb so he is directly over Butterball and ground pound his chest, which is his weak point. For the third and fouth time, Mario will first need to spin into Butterball's back to knock him over. After he is defeated, he explodes, and the Power Star appears.

Planets VisitedEdit

Starting Planet

Slipery Planet

Face Planets

Fortress Planet



Grand Goombas

Peanut Sludgies



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