Paper Mario, known as Mario Story 2 in Japan, is the 2nd paper mario game released in 2011 by TheFanMaster.

In this game, King Bowser kidnapess Princess Peach and taked hime to his hideout up in the sky. Mario tried to save the princess but bowser throwed him once again from his hideout. He falled on goomba city, a small town made by the goombas. Bowser gived the 15 crystal stars to each of his minions. Now its upto mario and partners to recover the crystals and save Princess Peach again.


Name Summary Ablites Summary Uses Outside Battle
Goomer Is a goomba kid who lives in gomba city. He and his family saved mario by taking him to the goomba hospital. Looks much like goombario from the last game

Bonk 0 FP

Rushes like a bullet to a a single enemy. Tattle: he will tell about locations, people outside battle.

0 FP

Informs enemy's description and stats during battle, and other characters, areas, and objects outside battle.

1 FP

Boosts attack power by 2 for one turn.

Multi-Bonk 2 FP

Bonks an enemy multiple times until he misses the action command.
Power-Bonk Bonks an enemy with lots of attack power.

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