Paper Mario: The Cybernetic Conspiracy is the next game in the Paper Mario series. As of August 31, 2012, it has been announced that the game will only be for the Wii U and will most likely be released Holiday 2013.



After receiving a letter from Peach, Mario and Luigi head to Toad Town and find it under attack by a mysterious robot by the name Deathskull, who has stolen the Rainbow Scepter and the Rainbow Stars. Mario defeats Deathskull, and then follows him to Peach's Castle where he kidnaps Peach and disappears. Mario and Luigi exit the castle and the Prologue begins.

Prologue: An Adventure AwaitsEdit

Luigi tells Mario that he is going to back to the house and let Mario save the world, so he leaves. Mario begins to search around Toad Town for answers as to why Deathskull attacked. He goes to Merlon's house and discovers that Deathskull stole the Rainbow Scepter from Star Haven along with the Rainbow Stars that would allow him to break a magic seal and release an ancient demon on the world. Merlon tells Mario that he will have to find the Rainbow Stars and use it counteract the Rainbow Scepter before Deathskull can break the seal. He sends Mario to find Doctor Donillo who has a secret laboratory within the Toad Town Sewers. He gives Mario a key to the sewers and sends him off on his quest. Mario head to the section of Toad Town south of Merlon's house and use the key to open a door with a pipe into the sewers.

Once in the sewers, Mario finds himself in a rectangular room. He can't reach the pipe that he entered through. Behind him (on the left side of the room) is a yellow block that cannot be broken. There is a wooden platform that looks like it could be broken if pounded on. There is another pipe near the one Mario fell from as well as two open pathways, one going downwards and one going to the right. Mario cannot access that pipe at this time do to a barrier. If Mario goes downwards, he will eventually find a stone block that cannot be broken. Mario should go to the left and find a single Goomba. He battles it and the path opens up. He goes through an arch way into the next room and finds another Goomba. This one doesn't attack Mario but simply turns around and screams at him to go away. After a moment, he apologizes and agrees to help Mario if Mario can help him find what he is looking for: a way back to the surface. The Goomba says his name is Goombrad and agrees to join Mario. In the field, Goombrad can use tattle on people, things, and places. In battles, he can use Headbonk or Tattle to start out with. Mario continues on the room and eventually comes to a few more Goombas. In the first battle with Goombrad, he explains the Audience System and Bingo System to Mario, as well as the Action Command System. Eventually, Mario gets to a dead end with a chest. He opens it and finds the hammer. Before he can leave, a mysterious foe by the name of Kung Pow appears. He battles Mario which serves as the hammer tutorial, even though Kung Pow can be defeated without the hammer. After defeating Kung Pow, he runs away and drops the Power Jump badge. Goombrad explains how BP works and how to equip badges. After the explanation is finished, Mario can go back to the first room. He breaks the yellow block and continues on.

In this room, Mario finds a main path with many side paths and areas that Mario can't get to yet. For now he should simply go down the main path. He eventually makes it to a wooden bridge. He crosses it without a problem and continues on, reaching Doctor Donillo's laboratory 2 rooms later. He enters the lab and heads up to the second floor, where he finds Doctor Donillo examining something under a microscope. Goombrad asks him about the Rainbow Stars and Donillo starts jumping up and down. He asks if they have a Rainbow Star, but Goombrad says that they do not. Donillo says that he detected an energy surge coming from the south west section of Toad Town. He sends Mario to go back up to the surface to go there. He gives him a key so that he can take the second war pipe back up. Before he leaves, Donillo asks him if he knows about Star Skills. He tests a magic potion of Mario which grants him 1 SP. He also learns Appeal and Snack Attack. Appeal can be used to gain back some SP while Snack Attack can restore some HP and FP. On his way back across the wooden bridge, a giant Blooper attacks him and throws him back to the other side. Mario can only pass after defeating it. Once he goes into the warp pipe, the worlds END OF CHAPTER appear on the screen similar to how they appear in Super Paper Mario.


Deathskull's throne room is shown with Deathskull on the throne and Sabertooth standing across from him. Deathskull asks if they know the whereabouts of Mario, and Sabertooth says that he will most likely head to Block Fortress first to try and get the Red Star. Deathskull tells Sabertooth to set up a blockade, elongating his path to the Fortress. He sends Sabertooth off the check on Peach. Inside Peach's holding room, Peach is sitting standing in the middle of it with dark walls, a chair, and and a metal bench chained to the wall. Sabertooth comes in to check on Peach, but he doesn't say anything and soon leaves. Peach says something about Mario needing all the help he can get and then the camera fades to black.

Toad Town is shown. Mario and Goombrad jumps out of the warp pipe and head back to Merlon's house. He tells them that they can go to Block Road to the south west if they tell the guard the password. The password is different everytime you play the game, but it is usually something like "Mushroom" or "Flower." He tells Mario to bring the necessary items and then sends him off on his adventure. Once Mario has bought the items he wants, he should go to the Toad standing in the west part of the southern most section of Toad Town and tell him the password. Mario then should head into the next room which makes the Chapter Title Screen appear.

Chapter 1: A Chip off the BlockEdit

After leaving Toad Town, Mario finds himself on Block Road. There are many Goombas and Koopas that wonder this road, but the main feature are the block plants that can be hit, creating new pathways or blocking old ones. After Mario goes through 6 sections of Block Road, he will come to a split path. One path goes to the south and and quickly ends. The other path continues going west. Mario should continue on in this direction and after 3 more sections he will come to Block Town. He discovers that this town in under attack by an army of Hexagoons and two Octogoons. He should go to the second section of the town and go in the third house from the left. Inside, he will find the two Octogoons. After defeating the Octogoons, a Koopa will enter the house and thank Mario for forcing the army out of the town. He asks Mario if he has seen another Koopa by the name of Koopuardo. Goombrad says they have not and the Koopa starts crying for a moment. He stops and then asks if he can come with Mario. He agrees and then the Koopa says that his name is Koopon. In the field, Koopon can launch himself in front of Mario and hold himself in place and then launch backwards if he wants to. In battle he can do either Shell Toss or Power Shell to start out with. Using Koopon's ability, Mario can make a bridge appear near the southern path at the split earlier on Block Road. Mario goes down this path for 3 sections until he enters the Block Woods.

In the Block Woods, Mario finds some basic puzzles with block plants and the help of Koopon. While there are many side paths to go in, the necessary path is 2 down, 3 left, 1 down, 4 right. Once Mario has follows this path, he will arrive at the Block Fortress. Before he can enter the fortress, Koopon will notice that the door to the fortress is locked. A suspicious character appears behind Mario and starts taunting him. After chasing the figure through a randomly generated path, he will come to the edge of the forest and turn around. He whistles and summons the Block Squad, an small army of Hexagoons. After defeating them, Mario will be rewarded with the key to Block Fortress. He heads back to the fortress and uses the key to open the door.

Once inside the Block Fortress, Mario finds a large square room with a door at the other end and some Hexagoons and Koopas wandering around. In the next room, Mario finds a staircase along the back wall that goes down a floor so that the upper portion is on the left side of the room. The door at the other end of this room is locked, so Mario needs to go down the stairs. Mario should go to the left door in this room and then go one room further to find the room with the key. To access the key, Mario needs to hit the first, second, fourth, sixth, and seventh block plants in that order, as seen in the previous room. This allows Mario to get the key which he can use to open the door back on the first floor. In the room past the locked door, Mario finds another staircase identical to the one in a s use it to open the door back on the first floor. In the next room, Mario has to complete a short pipe maze and then a platforming course in the background to hit a switch, which raises the stairs in the previous room allowing Mario to get to the second floor. He heads back to the previous room and goes up the stairs.

On the second floor, Mario finds a towering room that goes to the second and third floors. The door to the third floor is locked so Mario should go in the one on the second room. The first room simply has some enemies but the next room has another block plant puzzle. After solving it, Mario gets a key that opens the door on the third floor. Mario heads this way and enters a room with a switch on a ledge and a X spot on the ground. He should sends Koopon so that he is holding himself just past the X and then jump onto the ledge and step on the switch. He should then let Koopon fires backwards hitting the switch that appears where the X was. This makes the door to the next room appear. In this room, there are only enemies and a pattern on the wall. Mario should go into the next room and go to the end of the room and make Koopon go just past another X so that he is resting inside a blue circle. This makes a switch appear on a high ledge Mario needs to hit the first, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh block plants in that order making a staircase onto that ledge. Mario should step on the switch, making a second switch appear on the X and then fire Koopon back, hitting that switch. This opens the door to the next room. This room is another tower that goes all down to the second and first floors. The door to the first floor is locked, so Mario should go though the door to the second floor. In here, Mario finds an empty room with another door. In the next room, Mario must defeat all three enemies to get a key and leave the room. In the field, the enemies ar Hexagoons, but in each battle, up to 3 of any enemy from the fortress can appear, with at least one Hexagoon included. Once he has the key, Mario should go back into the tower and go down to the first floor. Here, Mario must complete a section of platforming by jumping over the spinning fire rods and get to the other side. The second part of this room is another pipe maze with some platforming in the backround. Once at the end of the background, Mario should continue through the wall and make it to the next room. He should take a pipe back to the foreground. Here there is one final hit-them-in-the-right-order block plant puzzle where Mario must hit the first, second, fouth, fifth, sixth, eighth, and ninth block plants in that order, creating a staircase to the door. Mario enters this door and finds himself in a long hallway with some enemies and some block plants. Mario needs to hit the block plants when the lights in the background flash on. Once he done this 10 times, the door will unlock. Hitting the wrong block or failing to hit it in time decreases the amount of hits done by 2. Mario should use the save block and hit the heart block for 6 coins before going into this room.

In the next room, Mario finds an even longer hallway with a large sphere hanging from the ceiling. He should hammer the stump which frees the sphere from the ceiling. Mario has to outrun the sphere all the way to a crack in the pathway and allow the sphere to fall through it. Mario continues down the pathway and eventually makes it to another door. He enters this door and finds himself in a circular room with a large pipe in it. The sphere from the previous room launches out of the pipe and lands in front of Mario. It jumps in the air and does a corkscrew before it uncurls revealing its face along with two arms each wielding a sword. It gives a brief introduction and tells Mario that his name is Sir Cull before the battle begins. There is no gimmick in this fight and once Sir Cull has been defeated, he back into the main section of the fortress and lets Mario take the Red Star that he was guarding. Mario takes the Red Star and then the words END OF CHAPTER appear on screen.


In Peach's holding room in Deathskull Castle, Peach is again standing in the middle of the room. Deathskull and Sabertooth come in and ask Peach a few question about if she sneaked out of the room to contact Mario. Peach says she hasn't but Deathsull decides to amp up the security. They leave and Peach is left alone. She finds a hidden door in the room and goes down a back hallway to a door so that no guards will be standing directly in front of the other side. She sneaks around and eventually makes it to a room with some guards. After sneaking past the, she finds a desk with a note on it saying "The Wigglers have the second one." A guard then catches her and sends her back to her room. She sneaks out again and eventually finds a room with a communicator. She sends the same message to Mario and then gets caught once again, this time ending the interlude.

Bowser Castle is now shown. Inside, Bowser is standing in front of his thrown with an the Koopa Troop standing in front of him. He proclaims that today will be the day that he finally kidnaps Peach and defeats Mario. He sets off for Peach's Castle and after completing a short platforming mission, arrives there. He heads inside and up to the throne room, where he discovers that Peach is not there. Kammy Koopa flies in and says that she heard about Peach being captured by some other villain. Bowser says that kidnapping Peach is his job and his job only, so he is going to kidnap Peach from her kidnapper. He walks off an Bowser's interlude ends.

The outside of Block Fortress is shown. Mario and Koopon are standing just outside of it. Koopon says he can't believe they got a star and then the Red Star comes out and spins around Mario, increasing his SP to 2 and granting him the Star Skill Quake Blast, allowing him to attack enemies. This can be used to attack an enemies on the ground or enemies that are hovering. Mario heads back through the Block Woods and back down the Block Path until he is back in Toad Town. A Toad informs Mario that Merlon has a message for him. Mario heads here and Merlon tells him that "The Wigglers have the second one." Mario heads to Doctor Donillo who tells him that the message likely means that the Wiggler who lives at Wiggler Gardens are likely guarding the Orange Star. Mario goes to Toad Town to prepare and then heads to the west portion of the western most portion of Toad Town and finds the entrance to Prickly Path. Once he enters this area, the Chapter Title Screen appears.

Chapter 2: A Tradition Gone Too FarEdit

Unlike Block Road, prickly path is a rather straight forward area. It consists of 7 sections that have forest themed enemies such as Fuzzies and Piranha Plants. In the fourth section, Mario must complete the only puzzle by going in the background, completing a short platforming section and get into a house. Inside this house, Mario finds a Black Key. He should go up to the second floor of this house where he finds Treasure Chest that needs the key. This treasure chest "curses" Mario with the ability to become a paper airplane, which he needs have in order to get past the rest of the room in this area. After getting past this area, Mario makes it to Wiggler Gardens.

Here, Mario finds a bunch of Wigglers discussing a crime that has taken place. From what the Wigglers tell him, Mario discovers that someone has stolen the Great Carrot, grown every year for the Carrot Festival. Mario goes around the town section of the Wiggler Gardens and discovers that whoever stole the Great Carrot looked just like he did. Eventually, all the Wigglers in town and Mario with his partners head to a large courtroom. After a brief trial, the Queen Wiggler identifies the culprit as Mario and forces him to find the Great Carrot. She also forces a Wiggler by the name of Chiggler to go along with Mario to make sure he does what he is supposed to do. In the field, Mario can ride Chiggler across gaps. In battle he can do Foot Stomp or Carrot Rain. Using Chiggler's ability and the Paper Airplane ability, Mario makes it to the Garden Citadel.

Inside the Garden Citadel, Mario finds a bunch of Piranha Plants and more Fuzzies, and well as some news enemies called Carros. In the first room, Mario must ride Chiggler across a gap and hit a switch, making the door unlocked door lower. He should go in this door and then down a hallway with some enemies until he gets to the next room and finds himself on the ceiling. He makes it to the end of this room and hits a switch which flips the gravity not only in this room, but in the previous room. He goes to the previous room where gets flipped onto the ceiling where he finds a chest with a key. He should ride across a gap as Chiggler to get to s switch which flips the gravity back. With the key in hand, he should go back to the first room and hit the switch again, raising the back wall so the locked door can be accessed. Mario should unlock the door and head into the next room. This room has some grass on the floor and a raised platform in the center with one statue on it that is missing one eye. There is also an elevator shaft just behind the platform. Mario should go into the next room and go up a short staircase. He should ride Chiggler from this ledge to another and then switch to Koopon and hit a switch on a ledge that Mario stand on let alone reach. Once this is hit, this makes a barrier in front of him disappear but makes a barrier behind him appear. He should switch back to Chiggler and ride across the to final ledge and go into the next room. This room has a pipe in it that goes to the background. Mario should switch to Koopon let him fire so that he is in the circle, which opens up a path in the background. Mario should go through a platforming course while he holds Koopon in place. Mario eventually gets to a switch that he should step on. While stepping on it, he should fire Koopon back making him hit a switch that is only possible to hit when Mario is standing on the switch in the background. The switch that Koopon hits makes the door to the next room open. This door leads to a room that has the Elevator Key in it.

Back in the room with the elevator, Mario should go up one to the second floor first. Here he finds a room with a series of ledges that Mario has to ride Chiggler across. At one point, Mario must go off the main path to find a key that opens the door at the end of this room. In the next room, Mario finds a spiral staircase around the walls of the room. Mario should go up the staircase and make Koopon hold himself in a blue circle while Mario steps on a switch, making the staircase lower itself. This makes Mario go to a room on the first floor past the one with the elevator key, but he can't access this room from the one with the elevator key. In this room, Mario finds a key. He should go back up the staircase and use the key to open a locked door. Inside the room past the locked door, Mario finds the Super Boots. If he presses the jump button again while in the air, he will now do a Ground Pound. He can also do a Ground Pound attack in battle for 2 FP. This moves can be found under the Jump menu. Using this ability, Mario should go back to the room with the elevator and ride it all the way down to the basement. He should then do a ground pound to go through a breakable floor board. Once on sub level two, Mario should switch to Koopon and fire him into a blue circle. He should then go into the background by going into a pipe and complete some platforming. He goes though the background and finds another pipe that takes him to a foreground section that he can't go though. He should step inside another blue circle which creates a short cut back to where Koopon is as well as making a door in the room where Koopon is unlock. Mario should go through that door and switch to Chiggler. He should ride across a platform and then use the Paper Airplane ability to fly across a large gap. Here he opens a chest with a Stone Eye in it. Mario should go back to the room with the statue and place the Stone Eye in it. This turns the statue into an elevator up to the third floor. Once on the third floor, Mario should save at the save block and hit the heart block for 7 coins before going into the next room.

In the next room, Mario finds himself. After a moment, the figure pulls out a smoke ball and after the smoke clears, Sabertooth is left where the fake Mario was. He explains that he tried to delay Mario or even prevent him from getting the Orange Star by having him thrown in jail, but he didn't know that instead the queen would make Mario get the Orange Star. He says that instead of fighting Mario he will just make the security system take care of him. He leaves and then the alarm starts to ring. A giant garden gnome with a glass dome for a head jumps down, and the fight with Gardenome begins. There is no gimmick to this fight, and once Mario defeats it, he goes into the next room and finds the Great Carrot. He exits the Citadel and begins to head back to the town part of Wiggler gardens when he discovers that all the Wigglers are attacking him. Eventually, he makes it to the town portion of the garden. He should save and hit the heart block for 5 coins before entering the court house again. Here he finds the Queen Wiggler. She screams at Mario and says that he will not be able to eat the Great Carrot. Chiggler says that Mario wasn't planning on eating the carrot, but the Queen doesn't believe him and attacks Mario. After defeating the Queen, she says that the man with the big teeth said that Mario was planning on eating the Great Carrot. She apologizes for not believing Mario and not only makes it so the Wigglers won't attack, but she rewards him with the Orange Star. Upon collecting it, the END OF CHAPTER appear on screen.


In Peach's holding room, Deathskull marches in and says that is was clever of Peach for sneaking out and contacting Mario but that it won't happen again. If Peach tries to go the same way or the main way, she will get caught by guards. This time, she must head over to the window and jumps out of it, down to a ledge one floor down. She should go out the main exit of this room and then sneak to the room next to it where she finds some guards. After sneaking past them, she listens in on a conversation and finds that the next Rainbow Star is "With the Boos." She sneaks out of this room and into the next room, where she takes an elevator one room above. She goes to the room with the computer and contacts Mario before she gets caught, ending the interlude.

Back at the top of Peach's Castle, Bowser and Kammy Koopa discuss where the villain might have gone. Before they can go anywhere, a shooting star comes into view and hits into Bowser, sending him flying through the air all the way to Block Town. He discovers that Mario passed through here a while ago, so after completing a short platforming section, he makes it to Block Fortress and sees that Mario is no where to be seen. Kammy Koopa flies down and realizes that Mario is gone, so the two simply walk off looking for where Mario might have gone next, ending this interlude.

Back at Wiggler Gardens, Chiggler says that it was a great time working with Mario and that he will see him around, but Mario says that Chiggler can stick with him. Chiggler screams out in joy and then the Orange Star comes out and spins around Mario, increasing his SP to 3 and granting him the ability to do Power Rush, allowing him to decrease his Attack Power and Defense Power. Mario heads back down Prickly Path and has a second encounter with Kung Pow, who now has a Trash Can on his head. Once back in Toad Town, heads to Merlon's house and finds out that the next Rainbow Star is "With the Boos." Mario heads to Doctor Donillo's laboratory and he says that this likely means it is located in Spook City, which can be accessed through a pipe in the Toad Town Sewers. After stocking up on items, Mario should go to the first room of Toad Town Sewers and ground pound the breakable floor board. In the room below this, there is a split path. One side is open while the other has a stone block in the way. Mario should go down the open path and then go up a staircase and use his Paper Airplane ability to fly across a large gap. He should then switch to Chiggler and ride him across a shorter gap. Upon entering this pipe, the Chapter Title Screen appears.

Chapter 3: Voices in the NightEdit

This pipe takes Mario to Spook City. Here, Mario finds a bunch of Boos flying around town as well as some Nightmares walking around. If Mario tries to leave town, the guards will not let him. They say that Mario should go visit the mayor. After checking the mayor's house and finding that he is not there, another Boo comes into the house and asks Mario where the mayor is. Mario's partners says that they don't know, so all the Boos in addition to Mario start looking for him. Eventually, Mario finds a key in a bush that opens a house within the town. The back room of the house with the locked door has a pipe that goes down to the sewers. There is only one room in the sewers and at the end of it, Mario finds the mayor of the city. The mayor tells Mario that he is hiding from all the other Boos in the town that keep asking him to resign as mayor. Mario asks about the Rainbow Star and the mayor says that the star is at the Spook Shrine and that Mario will have to go through the Boo Caverns to get there. The mayor that he is hiding because every night, a howl can be heard and every night one person from town disappears. He says that the townspeople are blaming him for it. He gives Mario permission to leave the town and enter the Boo Caverns. Upon getting back to the surface, a howl can be heard and a Boo wanders off. Mario brings this note to the two Nightmare guards, who let him pass. In the next room, Mario finds a Warp Pipe that goes into the Boo Caverns.

In the Boo Caverns, Mario finds some simple puzzles involving Chiggler, Koopon, and the Super Boots. Eventually, Mario makes it to the entrance to the Spook Shrine. If Mario tries to get past, the sentries guarding the Shrine will fire a laser at Mario that cannot be dodged. Mario's partner suggests that they go back to Spook City to talk with the mayor. Upon arriving back in Spook City, the two Nightmare guards attack Mario because they realize that he is trying to get the Rainbow Star. After defeating them, Mario should head back to the mayor. He can also battle the Boos and Nightmares in the town now as the normal NPCs are gone and they have been replaced with enemies. The mayor tells Mario that he will need to find a Boo who is willing to join him. The boo will allow Mario to sneak past the sentires, and while he can't while invisible, he will be able to delay the sentries long enough to get past them and hit the switch that deactivates them and opens the door to the Spook Shrine. Mario heads around town and eventually finds a Boo named Boolin who agrees to join Mario. In the field, Boolin can hide Mario from sentries or in empty rooms to see if anyone is hiding there. In battle, she can use Slap to attack enemies or Cloak to hide Mario and herself from attacks for 1 turn. Before they leave, another howl can be heard and this time a Nightmare wanders off. The two head back to the entrance to the Spook Shrine. Mario disappears using Boolin, which makes the sentries look around for Mario. While they are searching, Mario should quickly go hit the switch that deactivates them and opens the door to the Spook Shrine.

Inside the Spook Shrine, Mario finds three doors. A large door right in front in addition to a small door to the north and the south. The large door in front cannot be accessed because of the three large stone blocks in front of it. The north door is also locked, so Mario heads to the south door first. In this first room, Mario has to use Boolin to sneak past the sentries and then hit the switch and deactivate them, opening the door. In the next room, Mario should switch to Koopon and fire him away from the X and then go across the room and go through a short platforming section in the background. Once he gets to the switch, he should step on it and then fire Koopon backwards hitting the switch where the X was, turning on the sentries. Mario should go back into the foreground and switch back to Boolin. He should sneak past the sentries and then wait until they turn back to him. Once they fire at him when he is near the locked door, he should go invisible and make the lasers hit the lock, melting it. While the sentries are confused, Mario should go into the next room. This room has two sentries in it. Mario needs to make it so that the sentries fires into each other by standing directly in between them and then jumping with good timing so that the sentries hit each other. This opens the door to the next room. This room simply has a key in it that Mario can use to open the north door in the first room. In this door, Mario must switch to Chiggler and ride across a gap to get to a switch. He should switch to Koopon and kicks him in the opposite direction as the switch. Mario should then go over to the other side of the room and step on the platform that is connected to the wall but not the ground. Mario should then fire Koopon backwards, hitting the switch and making the platform with Mario move to the other side of the room, past a fence. Mario should then switch to Boolin and use him to sneak past the sentries and then step on the switch to deactivate them and open the door.

In the next room, Mario should switch to Chiggler and ride him across the gap. He should then switch to Koopon and kick him to that he is in the blue circle, which turns on the lone sentry. Mario should then run around the sentry fast enough so that it cuts a whole in the ground. The sentry will falls and explode while Mario and Koopon can drop down and continue on. Mario can not yet access the trampoline to take them back up because a stone block is on top of it. Mario heads through the door and into the next room. He should switch to Boolin and sneak past the sentries, but and hit the switch. This makes a staircase appear for thirty seconds. Mario has to get a sentry to fire its beam at him and then run up the stairs before they go away. If he does this successfully, he the beam from the sentry will melt a metal wall allowing him to get a chest with a key in it. Mario should then go back down and deactivate the sentries, head into the next room, and then use the key to open the door in this room. In the next room, Mario has to switch to Chiggler and ride him across a bramble patch (which only Chiggler can go across) and then go into the next door. This door has a chest in it that contains the Super Hammer. With this, Mario can destroy Stone Blocks with a normal smash and big yellow blocks with a spin smash by holding the hammer button then rotating the control stick. Mario heads back to the room with the stone block covering the trampoline and destroys the stone block, allowing Mario to jump back up. Before going back to the first room, Mario should break the stone block in this room and head into the next room. He should go into the pipe and then complete some platforming in the background. Upon doing this, Mario hits goes past the wall and then through a pipe into a section of the foreground that he can't otherwise reach. Here there is a chest containing a key.

Back in the first room, Mario should destroy the stone blocks and then use the key on the door. In the next room, Mario finds Lord Knightmare. Instead of battling him, Lord Knightmare makes Mario to a Quiz Game. He must correctly answer 5 questions about the previous two chapters and the prologue. If he answers all 5 correctly, he can continue through the Shrine. If he gets less than that, he will have to battle two Knightmares (not Nightmares) before he can move on. The questions come from 10 randomly generated options each time. The options are (correct answers are starred):

  1. What is the name of the Doctor with a Lab beneath Toad Town? (Frankly, Merlon, Donillo*)
  2. Who kidnapped Princess Peach (Bowser, Count Bleck, Deathskull*)
  3. Where was the Orange Star being held (Block Fortress, Wiggler Gardens*, The Whoa Zone)
  4. What was the name of the creature who attacked the Block Fortress (Sir Cull*, Sir Grodus, Gardenome)
  5. What is the name of the artifact the Deathskull holds? (The Master Sword, The Star Rod, The Rainbow Scepter*)
  6. How many Rainbow Stars remain (4, 5*, 6)
  7. Who is the weirdo that you have already fought twice? (Jr. Troopa, Kung Pow*, Kung Fu)
  8. Who is the leader of the Wigglers (King Wiggler, Queen Wiggler*, Queen Jaydes)
  9. Why was the mayor of Spook City hiding (The townspeople wanted him to resign*, He committed a horrible crime*, He was guarding a Rainbow Star)
  10. Who is the name of the villain who is trying to kidnap Peach and find Mario (Bowser*, Dimentio*, Sabertooth)

After the quiz, Mario either battles the two Knightmares and then finds Lord Knightmare nowhere to be found, or Lord Knightmare flees the room and doesn't make Mario fight the Knightmares. Either way, Mario eventually heads into the next room. In the next room, Mario should switch to Boolin and deactivate the sentry and then hammer it with the Super Hammer, making the switch depress, opening the door. In the next room, Mario finds a large three sentries staring inwards at each other. Mario needs to sneak past them and up a staircase in this room. At the top, he should switch to Koopon and make him fire into the blue circle. Mario should then drop down the stairs and hit the switch that appeared when Koopon went into the blue circle. Hitting this switch makes a switch appear so that Koopon can be fired back at hit into it. This makes a mirror appear in the center of the room. Mario should switch to Boolin and then sneak into the center of the mirror. Once the sentries are back up, they will fire their beams at Mario but have them redirected and get destroyed. Mario should then destroy all three with his super hammer, making the door to the next room appear.

This room has a tower with a large spiraling staircase. There are no side room and eventually, Mario gets to the top of the staircase. he goes into the next room and finds a factory like room where the sentries are being made by Nightmares working on an assembly line. Mario can't battle these Nightmares and they simply just say things like "This is boring" or "I hate my job" when talked to. Mario has to use Boolin to hide, which will make the Nightmare Supervisor to come into the room. He says some stuff to the workers. While speaking to a Nightmare near Mario and Boolin, a random 5 number code can be heard. After he leaves, Mario has to hit the 5 block plants in this room in that order, which turns the assembly line in the other direction. Mario should hop on the assembly line and ride it into the next room. In this room, Mario should save and use the heart block for 8 coins. In the next room, Mario fights Lord Knightmare. As with most bosses in the game, there is no gimmick to this fight, and once Lord Knightmare is defeated, he gives Mario the Yellow Star. Upon collecting the Yellow Star, the words END OF CHAPTER appear on screen.


At Peach's holding room, Deathskull and Sabertooth come in and says that they have put guards at all known exits of the room. They leave the room. Peach wonders around the room and eventually finds a switch that makes the bed go into the wall, revealing a hole underneath it. Peach drops down the hole and finds herself in a room with some guards. After sneaking past them, she finds some Toads in a closet. She frees them and the Toads tell her that there is apparently another Rainbow Star located somewhere on Paradise Island. The Toad gives her a device that she uses to contact Mario, before she gets caught and the interlude ends.

Back in Toad Town, Bowser discovers that Mario was spotted in Prickly Path. After completing a short platforming course, Bowser and Kammy Koopa make it to Wiggler Gardens. Here, the Wigglers are preparing for the Carrot Festival. Bowser starts complaining about how disgusting carrots are and when the Queen hears this, she sends a horde of Wigglers to attack Bowser and Kammy. While they are being drowned in a sea of Wigglers, the interlude ends.

Back at the entrance to Boo Caverns, Boolin congratulates Mario on getting the Yellow Star. It spins around Mario, increasing his SP to 4 and granting him the ability to do Star Hymn, which can put enemies to sleep for periods of time. Mario heads back to Toad Town and discovers from Merlon that the next Rainbow Star is on Paradise Island. Although he doesn't need to go see Donillo to figure out where the Star is, Mario should go see him anyway. On his way there, Mario battles Kung Pow for a third time. In this battle, he has wing boots, which allow him to fly. After defeating Kung Pow, Mario continues on to Donillo's lab and upon arriving the doctor tells him that he knows what the Rainbow Stars are for. He tells Mario that Deathskull is trying to use the Rainbow Stars to break an ancient seal on his creator. With that, Donillo tells Mario that he can go to Toad Town Harbor and find an airplane that can take him to Paradise Island. After making the necessary completions, Mario boards the plane and flies off to Paradise Island. After a short scene showing the plane flying through the air, the Chapter Title Screen appears.

Chapter 4: The Sacred Skull of FireEdit

Once the plane lands on Paradise Island, Mario gets off and begins to explore the island, which has enemies such as Flower Fuzzies and Putrid Piranhas. Eventually, Mario makes it to a small town of Yoshis and discovers that they are under attack by a giant dragon who lives in the mountain named Dynorus. Instead of attacking the Yoshis directly, Dynorus has made a giant fire piranha named Pyranha that is attacking the village. After defeating it, the Yoshis thank Mario and give him a Black Key, although one Yoshi says "I have no idea why." Using this key, Mario can open a Treasure Chest and be "cursed" with the Paper Thin ability. Using this ability, Mario should go back one room and slide through a gap so he can continue traversing the jungle like terrain of the island. After solving some puzzles with the two Paper Abilies, Mario eventually makes it to the base of Skull Mountain.

On Skull Mountain, Mario finds some new enemies in Embers and Bullet Bills. While climbing the mountain, Mario has to use his Paper Abilities in addition to Koopon and Chiggler's abilities to get to the summit. At the summit, Mario is ambushed by a group of 5 Embers. Upon defeating them, a Yoshi yells at Mario from the base of the mountain telling him to come quickly. Although there is no time limit, Mario should head back down the mountain quickly by taking a zip line system. He heads back one room at the bottom and finds himself in the village. Instead of battling the Pyranha again, Mario just has to step on a switch behind a house. This activates the sprinklers and makes Pyranha flee. The Yoshis thank Mario once again in addition to one Bullet Bill who thanks him. He says he got lost and he can't find the rest of his family. He says his name is Billy and agrees to join Mario if he will help him find his family. In the field, Billy can use charge which can destroy walls where there is a crack. In battle, Billy can to Charge to ram into enemies or Tail Fire to set them on fire. Using Billy, Mario should head back to the summit by taking the zip lines upwards and blow up a crack blocking the path.

The inside of Skull Mountain, referred to as Skull Volcano, is relatively small, consisting of only 4 rooms. The puzzles are simple and use mainly Billy, but Boolin and the Super Hammer are used for 1 room each as well. Eventually Mario makes it to the entrance of Skull Sanctum.

Inside the Skull Sanctum, Mario finds many fancy walls. The first room is a large tower with no stairs on the edge. There is a large colum in the middle that has a hollowed out half sphere on the top that looks like an orb can fit inside. Mario should go straight past this and head into a door.

Chapter 5: A Star Without a VoiceEdit

Chapter 6: Surfing the Seven SeasEdit

Chapter 7: The Mighty Sword of SabertoothEdit

Chapter 8: And Then There Were NoneEdit


Battle SystemEdit

Paper Mario: The Cybernetic Conspiracy has the same battle system as Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, with Mario and his partners each having HP, while they share FP and BP. There is also an audience and a Bingo System, however both will function differently. The audience can now help either Mario or the enemies. Because of this, Mario will be able to attack any enemy in the audience by selecting it instead of an enemy. He can automatically attack an audience member that is about to attack him just like in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. For the Bingo System, Mario will be rewarded with a card by perfectly executing an attack with all stylish commands. If he gets three matching cards, he will do a Bingo Spin. New in this game is the Chance, which is similar to the Bingo Spin. By selecting Chance in Tactics, Mario can do a Bingo Spin. This will cost him 10 coins. Matching at least 2 good or great icons will result in Mario getting two turns following this. Matching three good icons will give Mario 3 turns following this and give him his coins back. Matching 3 great icons will give Mario 3 turns following this and give him his coins back, plus 10 more. Matching none or two bad icons will make Mario lose his turn. Matching three bad icons will make Mario's HP, his partner's HP, and his FP to be cut in half, along with his SP dropping to 0 and his audience running away.

Unlike in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Mario will have partners in this game.


Main article: Paper Mario: The Cybernetic Conspiracy/Bestiary


Bold means Chapter boss; Italics means optional boss.


  • Deathskull (tutorial)
  • Striker (1/3)
  • Blooper

Chapter 1Edit

  • (2) Octogoons
  • Block Squad
  • Sir Cull

Chapter 2Edit

  • Gardenome
  • Queen Wiggler

Chapter 3Edit

  • (2) Nightmares
  • (2) Knightmares
  • Lord Knightmare

Chapter 3 InterludeEdit

  • Striker (2/3)

Chapter 4Edit

  • Pyranha (1/2)
  • (5) Embers
  • (3) Putrid Piranhas
  • Pyranha (2/2)
  • Dynorus

Chapter 5Edit

  • Coaster Guy + (2) Breakdance Bros.
  • Bowser (1/3)
  • Shyo Cruz + Trumpet Guy + Trombone Guy + Keyboard Guy + Guitar Guy + Drum Guy + Mic Guy

Chapter 6Edit

  • (4) Dark Puffs
  • Coral Knight (1/2)
  • Coral Knight (2/2)
  • Coral King

Chapter 6 InterludeEdit

  • Bowser (2/3)

Chapter 7Edit

  • (3) Duplighosts
  • (4) Dark Boos
  • Phantom Armor
  • Sabertooth (1/2)

Chapter 7 InterludeEdit

  • Striker (3/3)

Chapter 8Edit

  • (2) Phantom Armors
  • (3) Dark Wizzerds
  • (2) Koopatrols + (3) Magikoopas
  • (5) Dark Koopatrols
  • Deathskull
  • (4) Magikoopas + (1) Phantom Armor
  • Bowser (3/3)
  • Sabertooth (2/2) + Deathskull 2.0
  • Cerebro (1/2)
  • Cerebro (2/2)

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