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Paper Mario: Origami Wreckers is the fifth installment in the Paper Mario series, which takes place right after the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year-Door. This details the events of the three Dragon Siblings (Hooktail, Gloomtail & Bonetail) seeking revenge on Mario after all three of their humiliating defeats against the plumber.


Prolouge: Gang Up! Dragons Down!Edit

Notice: This part of the game has no interactive action whatsoever and is merely for background.

After Hooktail, the youngest dragon of the Tail sibling, managed to get back up from her humiliating defeat from Mario, Koops and Gombella. Wanting to cry to someone, she rushed to the middle child of her family, Gloomtail. However, he was defeated by Mario and his gang too. So, after a large amount of arguing, they decided to get vengeance on the plumber, and rushed to the Thousand-Year-Door to seek the Shadow Queen, their master. After they noticed the door was open, and the Shadow Queen was nowhere to be found, they assumed that Mario had permanently vanished the vile queen. Hooktail started to cry to see their "mother" gone, but Bonetail assured her that the would avenge the Queen and take down Mario once and for all.

They fly around the Mushroom Kingdom to find Mario, to no avail. They start to return to their castles, when, in Rougeport, they see Mario, a Yoshi and the Princess. Hooktail, excited, tries to grab at Mario. She, however, mistakenly grabs at Princess Peach, and is about to release the Princess from her grasp, only for Gloomtail to advise her not to. This is where our story starts...

End of Chapter!

Chapter 1: Peach is Kidnapped... Again!Edit

Mario, noticing Peach missing, sees the Princess in the grasp of a dragon, and chases after it on the Yoshi, to no avail. He then runs back to Professor Frankly, frantically asking about Dragons. He described the Dragon to the professor, and he said it was Hooktail: The dragon he faced at Petalburg. Determined to get Princess Peach back, he runs to Petalburg, only to discover no one there, except for a blue shell within the flower field.

As Mario approached the shell, a Koopa with large, brown eyebrows with a matching goatee. He greeted Mario, praising him for toughening up his son, Koops, but now Koops ran off to get back his village, who had been abducted by three mysterious dragons, one of which he recognized as Hooktail. Mario decides to head to Hooktail Castle, but not before Koopley hooks up with Mario.

They head up to Hooktail Castle, only to find Mario's welcome wagon: Enemies...


Characters and Abilities:Edit

  • Mario (Abilities: Airplane Mode, Boat Mode, Tube Mode, Paper Mode)
  • Koopley


  • The story is slightly based off of "The Three Musketeers".

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