The Ninba is a Goomba dressed in shadow ninja clothing and is very very sneaky.Ninba's have 3 basic attacks and 1 signature move.The first basic move is kunai shot,the Ninba shoots a star bit kunai at mario which can be fired 3 at a time or 5 at a time.The 2nd basic move is stealth shadow, a Ninba takes out a shroud and puts it over itself making it invisible.If your lucky you can catch it before it sneaks up on you and wacks you with a kunai

The 3rd and final basic move is a fire cracker,a special fire cracker that reverses the controls and makes the screen blurry.Now the signature move is....Ninba summon.Ninba summon summons 5 Ninba to shoot kunai at mario and luckily it only lasts 4 seconds.

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