New Super Mario Bros. 3 is a new Mario game for Wii, Wii U and Nintendo Switch by Power Paintbrush Productions and Fantendo. The player travels through the Dinosaur Land, but watch out, there's Fast Foe Comet in orbit of kingdom! It features new power-ups such as Thunderbird Suit and Yoshi Egg Mushroom. Many characters, items, enemies, power-ups and bosses return, but also are new ones.

Story Edit

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are taking a small walk, suddenly Fast Foe Comet orbits the Mushroom Kingdom! Mario gets a letter saying: Dear Mario, The Kingdom is in attack! Rush to my castle and defeat me! Signed, Bowser. Mario goes to Castle Balcony to see the Airship flying through the Kingdom, with Boom Boom on the bow. He tries to jump into Boom Boom's airship, and kidnaps Princess Peach punching, Then, the cannon appears. Mario and Luigi takes out cannon and they stuffed to Dinosaur Land.

Characters Edit

Playable Edit

  • Mario (Default)
  • Luigi (Default)
  • Toad (Beat World 1)
  • Boshi (Beat World 6)
  • Rosalina (Get to World 10)
  • Assist Luma (Beat the game once)
  • Jumpman (Download)
  • Koopa the Quick (Download)

To play as 6 unlockable characters, the player need go to Character Menu and select it.

Koopaling Powers Edit

  • Iggy Koopa: In his battle there are three platforms and there's an climbing fence. Iggy climbs out fence throwing 4 Yoshi Eggs. To defeat him, Mario need to stomp his head twice.
  • Roy Koopa): In the battle field there's five pipes and there's two Bill Blasters. Roy uses the box gloves spitting black bolts out of his gloves. To defeat him, Mario need to stomp his head twice.
  • Wendy O. Koopa: Her battle are in room with water. Wendy throw 3 Candy Rings and jumps for Wendy-ball cannons. To defeat her, Mario need to knock off her off the stage.
  • Lemmy Koopa): The battlefield are with many vines and resembles an convenyor belt. Lemmy climbs out vines throwing balls and playing air guitar. To defeat him, Mario need to stomp his head twice.
  • Larry Koopa: His battlefield is an icy room. Larry throws Koopa Shells and Bullet Bills out of his hands. To defeat him, Mario need to knock off he off the stage.
  • Morton Koopa: His battlefield are 3 platforms, and he jumps on them, He uses the Bullet Bill Blaster to throw Missile Bills. To defeat him, Mario need to stomp his head twice.
  • Ludwig von Koopa: His battlefield are in top of his castle, and resembles a large cloud. Ludwig shoots blue fireballs out of his hands and jumps out. To defeat him, Mario need to stomp his head twice.

Worlds Edit

Normal Edit

Name Tower Boss Castle Boss Airship Boss Final Boss Enemy Course
Grassy Hills Renzors Iggy Koopa Goomba
Chocolate Wastelands Mummipokey Roy Koopa Bowser Jr Spike
Banana Beach Cheep Boss Wendy O. Koopa Porcu-Puffers
Popsicle Glacier Fire and Ice Larry Koopa Cooligans
Poison Forest Petey Piranha Lemmy Koopa Bowser Jr Bungee Piranhas
Cookie Canyon Bouldergeist Morton Koopa Brolders
Windy Skies Boss Lakitu Ludwig von Koopa Bowser Jr Fwooshes
Bowser's New Valley Boom Boom Bowser Jr Bowser
Bonus Land Dark Bowser