New Super Mario World is the remake of Super Mario World. It is for DS and rated E for everyone.It has the same Mario and Luigi sprites as New Super Mario Bros. but different level graphics. The enemies appear the same if they were in NSMB. It has some of the enemies in Super Mario World. The game shares the health with Super Mario Galaxy. You have 3 lives when normal and 6 when "Super" by picking up a Super Mushroom.


The items are mostly used sprites from New Super Mario Bros and others but some are new.



Rare CoinsEdit

  • Blue Coin- This coin is a collectible like star coins in New Super Mario Bros.
  • Red Coin - Collect all of the eight red coins in a world and get a prize-A Blue Coin!
  • Purple Coin - There is 100 scattered across the levels and worlds. Finding all of them unlocks a whole new adventure...

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