New Super Mario Sunshine is a game in the Hungry Yoshi Games, Inc franchise. As before Mario goes to Isle Delfino to clean up a big grafitti mess, but along with another mess, Bowser had grown HUGE! He threatens to destroy Delfino before Mario gets a speck of paint with FLUDD. But that won't stop Mario. Soon, he finds a lost girl. Her name is Amy Rose.


As soon as Mario finds Amy, he asks, "Aren't you Sonic the Hedegehog's so-called girlfriend?" Amy replies and asks to help Mario. Mario agrees and the trio (Mario, Amy, and FLUDD) Go out on an adventure. You can switch on and off from Mario to Amy.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Mario
  • Amy
  • Yoshi (as soon as you get to the level Lurking Life Isle)
  • Silver Chomp (as soon as you complete the game)

After the Game is BeatEdit

As you and Amy watch Bowser sink into the ocean below, a Silver Chomp pops out of a cage, for he was captive. He introduces the gang to a new challenge, the Fast Foe Challenge (which makes all enemies move fater in a level), and the Purple Coin Challenge (where Mario or Amy must collect 100+ purple coins in a level to win). So Silver Chomp is nominated to the team, so you can play as Silver Chomp in the challenges, or for fun.

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