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New Super Mario Bros. U 2 (or New Super Mario Bros. U: Rosalina Reborn) is a new game.

New Super Mario Bros. U 2
Release Date
Everyone 10+
Only For Wii U
Gigabyte Gaming

Playable CharactersEdit

Mario - Mario is the main game hero.

Luigi - Mario's sidekick, Luigi, returns from his mansion!

Yellow Toad - The scaredy Toad that love sleeping.

Blue Toad - A blue Toad is a powerful, tactical heavyweight.

Rosalina - Rosalina is back alongside four main characters.


Princess Peach


Toad Brigade





Mushroom Island (World 1) - A simple, grassland world with colorful pillars, Princess Peach's castle, and many mushrooms.

Grand Ruins (World 2) - A world taking on ruins with many ancient pillars and a pyramid.

Cheep Chomp Beach (World 3)

Slip-Slide Glacier (World 4)

Mega Jungle (World 5)

Onyx Mountains (World 6)

Beanstalk Skies (World 7) - A sky world with many beanstalks and two towers instead of one.

Bowser's Dark World (World 8)

Superstar Road (World Star)

Rainbow Crown (World Crown)


Every enemy from NSMBU and NSLU appear in this game. With the addition of Bullies, Chargin' Chucks and Mr. Blizzards. New enemys include Poison Magmaarghs and Big Swoops.


World 1Edit

Fortress Boss: Boom Boom

Castle Boss: Lemmy Koopa

World 2Edit

Fortress Boss: Pom Pom

Castle Boss: Morton Koopa Jr.

World 3Edit

Fortress Boss: Boom Boom

Castle Boss: Larry Koopa

World 4Edit

Fortress Boss: Pom Pom

Castle Boss: Wendy O. Koopa

World 5Edit

Airship Boss: Bowser Jr.

Fortress Boss: Boom Boom

Castle Boss: Iggy Koopa

World 6Edit

Fortress Boss: Pom Pom

Castle Boss: Roy Koopa

World 7Edit

Fortress Boss: Boom Boom and Pom Pom, Kamek

Castle Boss: Ludwig von Koopa

Airship Boss: Bowser Jr.

World 8Edit

Fortress Boss: Kamek

Airship Boss: Bowser Jr.

Bowser's Castle Boss: Bowser


Normal Edit

Super Mushroom

Fire Flower

Ice Flower

Goomba Shoe

Super Acorn

Super Leaf

Mega Mushroom

Mini Mushroom

Propeller Mushroom

Penguin Suit

Super Star

New Edit

Earth Rock

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