"New Ronn City is a peaceful settlement, but full of traiders to the Koopa Troop. That's why I will destroy it. Then all the trade will be isolated, and all the Nations will bow to me!!!"
Bowser to his inturn Secratary, prior to Cody Tran's Ultimate Sneak Attack.

New Ronn City is a large district of Toad Town erected by Cody Tran in 1972. The District is the center of trade for the Mushroom Kingdom between the BeanBean Kingdom. It is placed right next to gthe Piranha Woods: a Dark Rainforest full of Piranha Plants which divides the BeanBean Kingdom from the Mushroom Kingdom. Because of the dangers of walking through the Woods There is a Railroad System that passes through the entire Mushroom Kingdom, through the Woods and through the entire BeanBean Kingdom. The center of the system is New Ronn City. It is a very Lush and Green District, although some of the residence do complain about the continuus noise of the passing Trains. To keep the skies clear, extra trees are planted in every new home to destroy Carbon Dioxide made by cars and trains and occasionally, Race Karts. New Ronn City does have a Mario Kart Track and a Kart Battle Field.

Residence Edit

The People who live here are many of the species of Humans, Flinns, and Toads. Yet, there are some other species that are usually members of the Koopa Troop that have decided to live in peace and have come to live at New Ronn City, because in other parts of the Mushroom Kingdom, they are attempted to be killed. Some of these species include: Koopas, Goombas, Shy Guys, and Lakitus. In the the district, everyone is treated with equallity, and respect. New Ronn City was mainly built for trade with all the lands, but also for all residences to have peace.

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