The Mushroom Revolutionary War was the first major conflict between the Toads and the Koopas that occurred long ago. It marked the formation of the Mushroom Kingdom and the first major defeat of the Koopan Empire.


In the begining, the teritory that would become the Mushroom Kingdom was a colony of the Koopan Empire, at that time the strongest empire in all the land. At first, the Toad and Goomba colonists welcomed the protection of the Koopa Troop, but eveuntually the colonists grew restless. Many of them felt that they should have more independence, and some even thouht they should break away from the Koopas. Things grew worse once Emperor Koopernicus Maximus began to pass taxes as a way to refill his empire's pockets after the costly Subcon Wars.

The colonists grew particualry restless after the passing of the Koopa Tea Tax. Despite protest from the colonists, three airships laned in Toad Town Harbor, filled with Koopa Tea. A small resistance movement emerged, lead by Samual Toadams and Henry Toadswoth Jr. The Rebels, disgusied as Spear Guys, boarded the ships and threw the Tea into the Harbor. Enraged by this, Den. I. Koopa, the govener of the Mushroom Teriroties, ordered the port to be shut down. Nearby comunities helped by sending in suplies by land. The Rebels, now known as the Mushroom Resistance, kept a healthy presence in the town.

2 years later, The Koopa Troopa received an anonymus tip that the Mushroom Resitsance had a store of power-ups in Goomba Village. Den. I. Koopa order a battilion of Koopa Troopas to seize the power-ups before the Resistance could use them. Before reaching Goomba Village, a group of Militiagoombas and Militiatoads blocked the Koopa advance at Diamond Township (The future site of Diamond City, named for it's diamond mines). A skirmish broke out, and the Resistance Forces retreated. They had more sucess at Gommba Village, and forced the Koopas to retreat. Upon hearing of this, Koopernicus declared war on the Mushroom Teritories.

Early CombatEdit

Late CombatEdit

Later in the war the Toad Army hired George Toadstool to be the general. Subcon also decided to help the colonists. Finally after the battle of Grass Land they won


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