Morton Koopa Jr. as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Morton Koopa Jr. is the adoptive son of Bowser. He  was the 5th koopaling to be created and the hardest to make. He was born an average size, but grew up to be overweight. 

Biography Edit

Morton junior was born in 1990. In his first battle against Mario He as barely a week old, genetically modified to have the strengh of an adult, like Ludwig ,Iggy , Larry , Lemmy , Wendy , Roy and Bowser Jr . He weighs over a ton, making him the heaviest koopalinng of them all.

Appearences Edit

Paroo Fandom Edit

In Paroo Fandom, Morton is the stupid one of the group. He is overweight from eating too many french fries, and he always hangs out somewhere around Ludwig. He speaks with a classic "Dumbell" style voice.

Super Mario Moose Edit

Morton will appear in the game Super Mario Moose as a villain. It is currently unknown which world he will be the boss of as of now.

Extreme Mario World Edit

Morton returns as the boss of Honey Jungles. The fight takes place on pipes. Morton throws Spike Balls at you while jumping in the air. Piranha Plants aid Morton in the battle. To defeat him, jump on his head 3 times or throw 60 fireballs at him.

The Legend of the Rainbow Stars Edit

Morton Koopa Jr. is the 3rd boss of the game. He rules the World 3: Frosty Tundra. Like in SMW, Morton climbs the ceilings and ground pounds. He throws also pink energy blasts from wand. The player must jump on his head 3 times to unlock World 4: Porcupuffer Shore.

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