May & Ellie are a duo that often take the place of bosses


First appearance Perfect mario
Appears in Perfect mario
Gender Female
Homeland unknown
Race Human

may is a emo girl with an humungous amount of hammerspace which she keeps knifes and arrows in.

during perfect mario she was a boss character along with he partner ellie she is sheduled to appear again in mario party 12.


First appearance Mario and luigi 5 (cameo)

Perfect mario (actual appearence)

Appears in Perfect mario,

Perfect mario 2: hypnotized

Gender Female
Homeland Unknown
Race Human

ellie is a perfect acrobat who can stun people by jabbing them when her right hand starts to glow like its on fire

she makes a cameo in a dream at the beginning of mario and luigi 5 foreshadowing her appearence in perfect mario as a boss character she is a playable character in perfect mario 2.

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