Mariomon are creatures with special powers. They are found in the game Mario and the Attack of Marustorm, and then evolved to a new game called Mariomon.

The game starts when mom wakes up Mario/Peach from bed in toad town. the starter Pokémon are Bulbasaur Charmander and Squirtle from professor E. gadd. After choosing a Pokémon, Luigi (when the player is Mario)/Daisy (when the player is Peach) challenges you for a Pokémon battle. After winning the battle, Mario/Peach changes out of his/her pajamas and into his/her plumber/princess clothes. After reaching Acorn plains, you challenge Brock for a Pokémon gym leader battle. After reaching Layer cake desert, you challenge Misty for a gym battle. After reaching Frosted glacier, you challenge Lt. surge for a gym battle. After reaching Sparkling waters, you challenge Erika for a gym battle. After reaching Soda jungle, you challenge Koga for a gym battle. After reaching Rock candy mines, you challenge Sabrina for a gym battle. After reaching Meringue clouds, you challenge Blaine for a gym battle. And after reaching Peach's castle, you challenge Giovanni for a battle. In bowser's secret, You catch the legendary Mewtwo and destroy Bowser. Luigi/Daisy tells you that you can challenge Champion Blue for a battle. You go back to sleep with your new Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Charmander at home at the end.

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