Mario vs. Wario is Several Comics that where published in term to the Donkey Kong Country Issues in Mario Weekly Magazine. Mario vs. Wario, Unlike Donkey Kong Country, only comes out on special days, such as Christmas or Halloween. The issues would not always have something to do with these subjects more that it is a good day to come out. The first issue was Released in America in December 25th 1996. This being the Christmas Issue, had nothing to do with Christmas.

Issues & Release Dates Edit

Issue #1: Given the Boot- 12/25/96

Issue #2: Octo Rush- 12/31/96

Issue #3: The Big Tree- 01/01/97

Issue #4: The Final Coin (Space Rush in Japan)- 01/17/97

Issue #5: Mario vs. Wario- 01/30/97

Issue #6: Love Sick- 02/14/97

Issue #7: Luigi comes to Visit- 03/09/97

Issue #8: Bowser's Birthday- 03/21/97

Issue #9: School's Out- 05/22/97

Issue #10: Search for the Lamp I- 07/04/97

Issue #11: Search for the Lamp III- 07/05/97

Issue #12: School's Back In I- 09/11/97

Issue #13: Inner Space I (Black Out in Japan)- 10/13/97

Issue #14: Inner Space II (Inner Space Super Issue in Japan)- 10/30/97

Issue #15: Happy Birthday Peach- 11/06/97

Issue #16: Journey to Egypt- 11/27/97

Issue #17: One Year Aniversary Issue- 12/25/97

Issue #18: Cloud Battle- 12/31/97

Issue #19: Ganng Up- 01/01/98

Issue #20: Underwater Adventure- 01/17/98

Synopsis Edit

Given the Boot Edit

Part I: This issue starts with Mario walking around his castle looking for his hat. When he goes to

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