mario,luigi and tropy each have seperate levels per main stage .

for example mushroom kingdom has mario with bowsers castle level luigi with under the basemant and tropy with toad tunnels

Mario and luigi 5
Developer(s) mjh
Publisher(s) hhh
Release date 11/5/12
Genre DSi
Mode(s) single player, co-op
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E: Everyone
Platform(s) action

bowsers castle-mario


under the basement-luigi

toad tunnels-tropy

discovery site-luigi

crazy tunnels-mario/tropy (2 player)

boss/toad riot-tropy

boss/scare city mayor-luigi

hub/ nipan-mario

mount volcano-tropy

swimming championship-mario


fire chase-tropy

boss/flame spirit-tropy

swamp of visions part 1-luigi/mario (2 player)

swamp of visions part 2-tropy

boss/swamp boo tribe-mario/luigi/tropy (switch at any time)

cosmic rush-luigi


cosmic pass-tropy

boss/serpant on ice-tropy

cosmic horror-mario

final boss/ supreme dark overly terrible squiglet-mario/luigi/tropy(switch after each character deals to hits)

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