Mario and Sonic at the Mixed Olympic Games is a game made by ML&ST Inc.


Characters Type Ability
Mario All Around Spin Jump
Sonic Speed Spin Dash
Luigi All Around Luigi Missile
Shadow Speed Chaos Control
Yoshi Speed Flutter Jump
Tails Skill Tails Flight
Peach Skill Mid-Air Float
Amy All Around Piko Piko Hammer
Daisy Speed Flower Dash
Mara Speed Gem Jump
Blaze All Around Fire Dash
Wario Power Wario Waft
Knuckles Power Spirral Upercut
Waluigi Skill Air Swim
Silver Skill Teleport Dash
Donkey Kong Power Spinning Kong
Vector Power Head Slide
Diddy Kong All Around Rcketbarrel Boost
Charmy Speed Charmy Flight


All Around Mushroom Bounce
Cream All Around Cream Flight
Baby Mario Speed Spinning Hammer
Cheese Speed Cheese Flight
Baby Luigi Speed Hammer Flip
Omachao Speed Omachao Flight
Bowser Jr All Around Back Spin Shell
Metal Sonic Speed Air Boost
Bowser Power Spinning Shell
Dr Eggman Skill Egg Spin






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