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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Mario and Rayman: Daydreamer Heroes, written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Glade of Dreams".


(In a universe called the Glade of Dreams, we headed to a vast of space with cosmo rainbows and settings. The narrator is here to speak up for the story.)

  • Narrator: In the beginning of time, we faced dinosaurs and fairy tail creatures. Welcome to the Glade of Dreams, a universe where dreams come true in your heads. It is also called the Crossroads of Dreams, but who would ever cross a road if a chicken is able to cross the road like a duck. The world was created by me! Polokus the Bubble Dreamer. We dream of imagination who ever become a reality.

(We arrived at Polokus' tent with Murfy and Polokus discussing a bubble of universes around the multiverse)

  • Murfy: Aw, midnight already? It already been a year since the Nightmares are defeated.
  • Polokus: I would have gotten a midnight snack in the first place. I wonder what Rayman is up to? *check a bubble of Rayman, Globox and Barbara sleeping in the long tree* Not again, lazy bums.
  • Murfy: I see lazy bums everywhere. Mind if i can wake them up for the morning?
  • Polokus: No. Give them some rest. I wonder what the Magician is up to?
  • Murfy: I think one of his clones landed on the moon since we stopped every single beast on the island.
  • Polokus: So how about this Rabbid thing going?
  • Murfy: Let me check. Maybe they're up to something bad this time?
  • Polokus: Another day, another life. *check a bubble of the real world with the Rabbids invading a fans' room with Mario merchandise* Oh no, what is going on?
  • Murfy: Holy shrimp! They're at the risk again, messing up some guy's room.
  • Polokus: He's fussing things into Rabbids. What is going on.
  • Murfy: My god, this is bad. They mess up the washing machine with a time in it?
  • Polokus: The multiverse is not alway right with evil things going on. I faced danger as a kid a century ago.
  • Murfy: Shouldn't we be old already?
  • Polokus: No. You need to tell Rayman about this, they never wake up in a day like this when evil is happening upon worlds.


(In another dimension, several months after the wackyness invasion with the Rabbids, Mario and Luigi are planting flowers on the garden)

  • Luigi: Man, i wonder why we picked this job. I thought plumbers get to fix bathrooms and toilets.
  • Mario: Peach forced us to work on the flowers. We're not doing this plumber job anymore since the toilet is all clogged up.
  • Luigi: I hate when Toads throw toilet papers on water. It make the water go up from down to bottom.
  • Mario: We could also get flooded like the hurricane days.
  • Luigi: That wouldn't happen after all.
  • Mario: Ah, a nice sunflower going on.
  • Luigi: Let pray we don't get another invasion like this. The silly wacky Rabbids already invaded the Mushroom Kingdom. What's next? Shadow bugs in bad people?
  • Mario: No. We faced the Subspace, we participate at the olympics and we faced the wackyness of the Rabbids. Who know Wario could make wacky minigames like this?
  • Luigi: I didn't know that. What if water come in flowers?
  • Mario: It will grow. No big deal.
  • Princess Peach: Hey guys, i have big news for you.
  • Mario: What is it?
  • Luigi: The mansion reopening again?
  • Princess Peach: No. The Art Festival is about a week. I have all the drawings in my castle ready for stocking.
  • Luigi: The paintings.
  • Mario: I knew i would enter your made-up places where you painted with.
  • Princess Peach: No. I painted all of these places as a kid myself. We should set up the festival together.
  • Luigi: Really?
  • Mario: Yes. We should do it at the Mushroom Park.
  • Princess Peach: What are you waiting for? Pack up your stuff and let's get going.
  • Mario: Okie dokie.
  • Luigi: Aw man, not another job.
  • Princess Peach: Let's go boys. Get into your karts.
  • Mario: *hop into his kart* Alright.
  • Luigi: *hop into his kart* Let's just go.

(Mario, Luigi and Peach ride their karts to the art festival with the title card showing up)



(Back at the Glade of Dreams, in the Snoring Tree, Rayman and the gang are sleeping on a big tree branch, snoring and lazy bumming on each other. Murfy came to check on the heroes.)

  • Murfy: Rayman, wakey, wakey. Don't let the bedbugs bite.
  • Rayman: *snoring*
  • Globox: *snoring and sleeping at the same time*
  • Murfy: WAKE UP!!
  • Rayman: Wait, what?!
  • Globox: What was that?
  • Barbara: Who dare to wake me up?
  • Murfy: Hey guys, it's me Murfy.
  • Rayman: Murfy, you're back? Why you dare to scream like that?
  • Murfy: I need to warn you about something.
  • Rayman: It's the nightmares, they're back.
  • Murfy: Not just the nightmares, it's the Rabbids.
  • Rayman: The Rabbids, no. Not them. These wacky little rabbits alway do crazy things like wrecking everything and taking over the Glade of Dreams.
  • Globox: I heard they tried to kill one of my baby globoxes back at the picnic.
  • Barbara: If it isn't those silly looking guys, i'm going tear them like a gum drop.
  • Rayman: How long we will sleeping for?
  • Murfy: After you defeated the Magician, you slept for 7 months when this incident happen at the real world.
  • Rayman: SEVEN MONTHS?! No, i miss everything they done.
  • Murfy: I tried to wake you guys up when the Rabbids were doing this. They messed up the timeline and wreck into havoc on another dimension.
  • Rayman: I need my revenge on them. This time, i will stop them on what they done to my friends.
  • Murfy: The teensis need our attention. Only if you can get the king to help.
  • Rayman: I will help.
  • Globox: I can help too. Rayman has been my best friend since childhood.
  • Barbara: Almost all of my sisters faced the Rabbids once. They came out of the Land of the Livid Dead.
  • Murfy: Oh my. Look like you guys are ready for a morning fight. Let's go and see the Grand Minimus.
  • Rayman: Yeah!
  • Globox: Look like fun.
  • Barbara: We're going in Murfy.
  • Murfy: Come on down, let's go for attention.
  • Rayman: Here we go again!

(The group jumped into the forest as they slide into one of the tree branches and land into the pond)

  • Rayman: Yeah!
  • Globox: Is that my lily pad? Where are the teensis?
  • Murfy: They must be at the Heart of the World. You see.
  • Barbara: But where? I see no teensis around.
  • Rayman: Neither in the water.
  • Murfy: No. Let me just open a portal for you to go. *open a portal to the Heart of the World*
  • Barbara: Whoa.
  • Globox: Me and Rayman used to slide over that place.
  • Murfy: Let's go. The Grand Minimus is waiting for us.
  • Rayman: Come on guys, what are you waiting for?
  • Everyone: Let's go!

(The heroes warped to the Heart of the World to see the Grand Minimus and his teensis)

  • Rayman: Hello Grand Minimus.
  • Grand Minimus: Good morning Rayman, you just came in time.
  • Rayman: Yes. We just wanted to pick you up.
  • Grand Minimus: Is there something i need to do at the tree?
  • Rayman: No. We need you, the nightmares may have returned for revenge.
  • Grand Minimus: The nightmares......look like i'm joining you guys again like last time.
  • Rayman: Alright. You're ready to rock and roll.
  • Globox: Looking good.
  • Grand Minimus: Okay heroes, where to now?
  • Rayman: Enchanted Forest.
  • Grand Minimus: Oh boy. This forest is one of the places you guys shore in.
  • Rayman: Yeah. Look like we need you to fight againist those nightmares again.
  • Grand Minimus: You can count on me.
  • Rayman: It's on. And we're ready.
  • Grand Minimus: Here we go. *open the portal to the Snoring Tree*
  • Rayman: Are we fighting or what?
  • Grand Minimus: I just wanna have some fun with you. Follow me over that Snoring Tree of yours.
  • Globox: Let's go.
  • Barbara: Yeah.
  • Murfy: Here we go again.

(The heroes jumped into the portal to the Snoring Tree. Back at the Mushroom Kingdom in the set up Art Festival.)

  • Toadsworth: How long will the princess and brothers come?
  • MC Ballyhoo: They should be here in any minute.
  • Big Top: Ho ho ho. They're here.
  • Toadsworth: Oh goodness.

(Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach arrive at the festival)

  • Toadsworth: Highness, you came.
  • Princess Peach: Oh hello MC Ballyhoo, long time no see.
  • MC Ballyhoo: Good to see you again sir.
  • Mario: Ah, look at the art and stuff.
  • Luigi: This feel like a museum outside. I wish i could draw like Mona Lisa and Peter Max.
  • Mario: Peter Max?
  • Luigi: He's the funny artist the rainbows and stuff.
  • Mario: Is this a carnival or something?
  • MC Ballyhoo: No silly. Just like a expo, we're hosting a art contest for the best artists out there who make the best art in history. The grand prize will be given a thousands of coins.
  • Mario: MONEY!
  • Luigi: Hey, i want to win one. I can draw. *use a sketchbook and draw a sketch of a Goomba* See?
  • MC Ballyhoo: What is this? My eyes! It look like some five year old drawing from Elementary school.
  • Luigi: Hey, how come you criticize the best art of the best artist out there?
  • Mario: Luigi, they're not accepting notebook drawings for the show. Use a paintboard to draw.
  • Luigi: But i don't have one. Why can't we steal it from Bowser and that's it?
  • Big Top: Watch it over there kiddo, there's no need to complain. Use the best color you can use. Best like Peter Max and one of your top favorite artists like Bowser Jr.
  • Mario: Bowser Jr. was a artist?
  • Big Top: Yes. Something like the Big Sneeze.
  • Mario: Okie dokie. We have time to set up the fest.
  • Toadsworth: Get to work, people will come over in one hour. There's no time to chit chat and get back to work!
  • Luigi: Oh no, get back to work brother!
  • Mario: Time to set up the festival.

(The background song "I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)" by Michael Franti and Spearhead play as Mario and Luigi get to work on the festival. Back in the Snoring Tree, the heroes arrived back in the branch.)

  • Rayman: Mind as well do a sliding game?
  • Grand Minimus: Oh yeah, let's slide.
  • Globox: Let's go! *slide*
  • Rayman: Wait for me. *slide*
  • Barbara: Don't forget me! *slide*
  • Grand Minimus: You're forgeting the master of the world! *slide*
  • Murfy: Wait up. *slide*

(The group started to slide in the trees)

  • Rayman: Weeee!
  • Globox: This is like riding in a roller coaster!
  • Barbara: This never gets old.
  • Murfy: Yapa doo!
  • Globox: I can see my house from here.
  • Rayman: This is a fun place for everyone to go.
  • Globox: I feel like a butterfly!
  • Barbara: Wahoo!
  • Grand Minimus: Feel in the flow.
  • Rayman: Here we go!

(Back in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi is still setting up the art festival. Mario set the paintings up on display as Luigi place the drawings on the table for the booth.)

  • MC Ballyhoo: I see a lot of work going on.
  • Toadsworth: Yeah. This is going to be a successful art festival.
  • MC Ballyhoo: I'm so excited.


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