Mario & Luigi: The Goomba Rebellion


Release date
Nintendo 3DS

This is the upcoming Fanfic telling of the very first time the Koopa's gained power. It was the time Bowser came to power, and the Goomba's rallied to his side. The very first time Mario and Luigi came to the rescue! Welcome to... MARIO AND LUIGI: THE GOOMBA REBELLION!

Prologue Edit

Many years ago, there was all but peace in the Mushroom Kingdom. Koopas lived alongside Toads, Toads lived alongside Shy Guys. But there was one... One who had the power to end all peace in the world. One who would have the Kingdom at its knees. One who became the King... of Koopas.

When the legendary foe, King Bowser of Koopa Kingdom came to power upon birth, the Koopas rallied to his side. They kidnapped many babies from the Stork to be used as playmates. A creature named Yoshi thwarted his plans, however. He once again tried, to no avail. This angered the Koopa King.

Several years passed, with silence reigning over the world. The Kingdoms had separated, and each had its eyes on the other. Bowser seethed with anger, and so, at the age of 6, he decided to take revenge on the Mushroom Kingdom and this thing called Yoshi. He attacked the Mushroom Kingdom with fury, and killed every toad in his path.

This was the reason... the Goombas rebelled.

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