Mario Super Skiers is a skiing game for the Wii.


The player can choose to hold the remote sideways and steer the character with it, like Mario Kart Wii except without the Wii wheel. Or, the player can use the remote and Nunchuck and control the character with buttons. At the beginning of the game, you are at the skiing lodge at the base of the mountain, which is run by Toadsworth. You choose your character and the character gets their skis. Then you choose your course out of 12 default courses or 8 unlockable ones. The character rides on a ski lift to get to the top of the mountain, and then you start skiing down. Some trails are simple and easy, with few obstacles. However, some might have trees and rocks on the trail. Some even have enemies, such as Goombas, on the trail. The last trail is Bowser's Frosty Fortress, which is extremely hard and dangerous, but it the player beats it they will be rewarded.
There is also a challenge mode like in Mario Super Sluggers. In it, you have to become the champ skier. You have to compete with the villains in the game, and several of the villains are not playable characters (like King Boo and Dry Bones). You can walk around the lodge and the base of the mountain. At the end of the game, you have to compete against Bowser Jr., and then finally Bowser (both in Bowser's final course) to win. There are several cutscenes involving Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and Toad. After choosing the character, they hop onto a pair of skis of a color or colors that represent them (Mario – red, Luigi – green, Peach – pink, etc.).


The characters have three stats: handling, speed, resilience (characters with higher resilience won't lose speed when bumping into an obstacle, and are less likely to slide of a cliff). Some characters are all-arounds; they have a little of each. Some characters are also have sliding ability, which means they can easily slide left and right, or down a hill without turning.







  • Paratroopa (unlockable) (When playing as him, if you tap the jumping button several times in a row, he'll fly for a short time.)