Mario SuperStar Tennis is a game made by ML&ST Inc


Character Offensive Power Shot Deffensive Power Shot
Mario Fire Ball Hammer Spin Return
Luigi Thunder Ball Polterguest Return
Yoshi Egg Shot Flutter Jump Return


Egg Cannon Suction Cannon Return
Peach Heart Hit Heart Smash Return
Daisy Flower Slash Flower Field Return
Wario Gas Attack Fart Serve Return
Waluigi Piranha Fireball Wall-luigi Return
Bowser Fire Blast Shell Dash Return
Bowser Jr Graffiti Ball Shadow Mario Return
Donkey Kong Boomarang Banana Barrel Cannon Return
Diddy Kong Barrel Jet Missile Peanut Popgun Return
Goomba Ram Shot Headbonk Return
Koopa Troopa Shell Jump Tornado Return
Toad Bounce Tornado Kick Fungi-Blast Return
Toadette Mushroom Bounce Plat Spin Return
Boo Boo Ball Giant Spook Return
Shy Guy Spear Thunder Boo Guy Return
ParaGoomba* Flying Kick Flying Ram Return
ParaTroopa* Winged Ball Shell Catch Return
Pink Boo* Pink Boo Ball Pink Platform Return
Fly Guy* Super Spinner Mini-Nado Return
Wiggler* Anger Managment Bounce Bounce Return
Petey Piranha* Goop Shot Goop Piranha Return
Baby Mario* Iron Hammer SuperStar Return
Baby Luigi* Sqeaky Mallet Cap Return
Pikachu* Iron Tail ThunderBolt Return
Meaowth* Fury Swipes Night Slash Return
Pichu* Thunder Wave Electric Circuit Return
Raichu* Electro Ball Hyper Beam
Sonic* Super Sonic Blast Spin Dash Return
Tails* Cannon Blast Fly-Dash Return
  • Means Unlockable


Mario Basic Court

Luigi's Mansion

Bowser's Castle

Peach's Castle

Delfino Plaza Court*

Piranha Hills Court*

Poke'Ball Court*

Green Hill Zone*

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