Mario RPG: Travel to the land of Shadows, is a Game/RPG of Mario's adventures to the Land of Shadows.

Major Characters Edit

Mario- Main Protaganist

Luigi- Playable Character

Princess Peach- Playable Character

Bowser- The King of Koopas, Playable Character

Bronzen- A Fierce General of the Shadow Kingdom

Silveron- A Fierce General of the Shadow Kingdom

Goldess- A Fierce General of the Shadow Kingdom

Alumineon- Leader of the Shadow Kingdom

Intozeron- A Buiseness man that helps Mario & Co.

Areas Traveled To Edit

Mushroom Kingdom Edit

Toad Town- Stage 1

Meeples Forrest- Stage 2

Sandy Beach Part 1- Stage 3

Snowy Plains- Stage 14

Bowser's Passage- Stage 115

Bowser's Castle- Stage 16

Traveler's Mountain Part 3- Stage 17

Mechanical Kingdom Edit

Sandy Beach Part 2 (Smog Beach)- Stage 4

Piston Plaines- Stage 5

Mechanical Fortress- Stage 6

Bowser's Factory- Stage 7

Traveler's Mountain Part 1- Stage 8

Shadow Kingdom Edit

Shadow Planes- Stage 9

Dead Forrest- Stage 10

Sandy Beach Part 3 (Shadow Port)- Stage 11

Shadow Tower- Stage 12

Traveler's Mountain Part 2- Stage 13

Shadow Mountain Part 1 (Exterior)- Stage 18

Shadow Mountain Part 2 (Cavern)- Stage 19

Shadow Mountain Part 3 (Interior)- Stage 20

Shadow Factory Part 1 (Arival Area)- Stage 21

Shadow Factory Part 2 (Creation Chamber)- Stage 22

Shadow Factory Part 3 (Administrative Office)- Stage 23

Shadow Castle Part 1 (Corridors)- Stage 24

Shadow Castle Part 2 (Upper Floors)- Stage 25

Shadow Castle Part 3 (Battle Arena)- Stage 26

Final Battle Zone- Stage 27

Mario Kingdom (Optional) Edit

Mushroom Hut

Minatoures' Maze

The Giving Tree

Mario Memorial Statue

Mario's Castle- Boss Battle Mode

Bosses Edit

Stage 1- Bowser V1

Stage 2- Wiggler

Stage 3- Goldess V1

Stage 4- Mecha Man V1

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