Mario Party Micro is a pseudo-sequel of the original Mario Party for the Micro Gamer.

Story Edit

One day, Mario and his friends (except of unlockable ones) are celebrating Bowser's latest defeat. When they arrive at Peach's castle, the window with Peach changes into Bowser's face, and the flags change into Bowser's castle flags. Then, in the balcony, Mario finds Bowser's letter. It says that Bowser was attacked his castle using his minions. At the bottom of the letter, there is Bowser's face stamp. The gang starts to close in on Toad, who shouts: I've got an idea! What should you do in that time?. He suggests that the Warp Pipe appears behind a tree. The crew go outside, and they stop next to Circus T., a new Toad friend. He says that the gang needs to shrink. Using a magic wand, known as the Minimizer, he shrinks greatly down Mario and the crew into the size of chess pieces. They jump to Warp Pipe, and start their own adventure.

Changes to original Mario Party Edit

In Mario Party Micro, something was been changed:

  • The race-themed minigames start with a 3-2-1 countdown, with the exception of Bumper Ball Maze and Running of the Bulb, which start with a "Start!" signal.
  • All of the single-player minigames are 1-vs-1 minigames. The exception is Bumper Ball Maze, what is a Rare minigame.
  • The music in only Skateboard Scamper minigames is changed to Faster than All music.
  • Instead of "Goal!", the announcer says "Finish!".
  • The things (like balls in Bumper Balls) are colored red, blue, green or yellow instead of the player's personal color.
  • Characters have their new looks:
    • Mario's shoes are darker, and the buttons are gold.
    • Luigi's buttons are gold.
    • Peach now wears a sparkly pink dress, a silver tiara with diamonds and golden bracelets in place of gloves. She also wears this outfit in "Club Game" episode of Mario & Luigi cartoon.
    • Wario's W on his cap is colored black instead of blue.
  • The ? Blocks in Coin Block Blitz are yellow with white ? marks.
  • The Bowser suit worn in Bash n' Cash and Tug o' War minigames has now a Bowser's face-shaped headgear. The face will be smaller instead.
  • The bobsleds in Bobsled Run minigame both have Mushroom symbols.
  • Birdo would replace Donkey Kong.
  • A new mode, Online Party appears. Also, the Bowser Party mode returns from Mario Party 10.
  • The Time Limit of some minigames has been changed. Tug o' War's time is like in The Top 100 (20 seconds), and Treasure Divers's time is 60 seconds.
  • If having 3 players in Balloon Burst, the fourth pump is empty.
  • Bowl Over minigame has most changes. There is no "Miss" signal, so the announcer says "Finish!", the pins controlled by players are replaced by the players' character models, and the player can shoot a second shell.