Mario Party 11 is a game made by ML&ST Inc.


Bowser takes over the Mushroom Kingdom, the BeanBean Kingdom, Dinosaur Land, Isle Delfino, Donkey Kong Island, Sarrasaland and Pokemon Island by stealing their Star Gems, Mario and co must stop him, AGAIN! After defeating him the Star Gems merge into the Grand Star Gem, which they use to get home before it splits back into the Star Gems, you then unlock the Retro World, which has boards from the past Mario Party Games


Mushroom KingdomEdit

1. Peach's Castle

2. Toad Town

3. Mushroom Plains

4. Koopa Village

5. Glitzvill

Boss:Koopa Bros Fortress

BONUS:Boos Mansion

BeanBean KingdomEdit

1. Stardust Fields

2. Hoo Hoo Village

3. BeanBean Castle Town

4. Chucklehuck Woods

5. Teehee Valley

Boss:Jokes End

BONUS:Little Fungitown

Dinosaur LandEdit

1. Yoshi's Island

2. Donut Plains

3. Vannila Dome

4. Forest of Illusion

5. Chocolate Island

Boss:Valley of Bowser

BONUS:Star Road

Isle DelfinoEdit

1.Delfino Plaza

2.Bianca Hills

3.Ricco Harbour

4.Pianta Village

5.Noki Bay

Boss:Coarona Mountain

BONUS:Pinna Park

Donkey Kong IslandEdit

1.Kongo Jungle

2.Vine Valley

3.Monkey Mines

4.Gorilla Glacier

5.Chimp Cavern

Boss:Gangplank Galleon

BONUS:Kremkrock Industries Inc.


1.Birabuto Kingdom

2.Easton Kingdom

3.Muda Kingdom

4.Chai Kingdom

5.Border Town

Boss:Chai Castle

BONUS:Sunset Town

Pokemon IslandEdit

1.Ho-Ho Village

2.Lugia Town

3.Celebi City

4.Reshriman Realm

5.Lucario Lagoon

Boss:Mewtwo's Lair

BONUS:Poke' Park

Koopa KingdomEdit

1.Tank Trail

2.Koopaling Airship

3.Robot Reactor

4.Koopa Keep

5.Bowser Jr's Airship (different from MP9)

Boss:Bowsers Castle (Different from MP9)

BONUS:Kameks Libary (Different from MPDS)

Retro WorldEdit

1.Mario's Rainbow Castle (MP1)

2.Horror Land (MP2)

3.Waluigi's Island(MP3)

4.Goombas Greedy Gala (MP4)

5.Pirate Dream (MP5)

6.Clockwork Castle (MP6)

7.Grand Canal (MP7)

8.King Boo's Haunted Hideaway (MP8)

9.Shy Guy City (MP9)

10.Baby Mario's Playground (MP10)

BONUS 1:Klepto Ruins (MPA)

BONUS 2:Toadettes Music Room (MPDS)

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