Mario Party 11Edit

Mario Party 11 is a game for the Nintendo Wii.This game adds new modes,characters,and items.


The main problem in this story is that Bowser is sick of Mario and his friends always throwing parties in such "lousy stinking areas"so he decided to try and take over Mario Party and name it Bowser Party.Bowser has taken control over some areas in the world and even parts of the Mushroom Kingdom.Bowser has also recruited brand new characters to join the party.So now its up to Mario and co. to stop Bowser and his evil plan




Princess Peach

Princess Daisy




Donkey Kong

Bowser Jr.


Koopio the evil Koopa version of Mario who accompanies his pal Goomuigi.

Goomuigi the goomba counter part of Luigi was summoned by Bowser to defeat the Mario bros.

Boomarang Bro. has decided to take hammer bro's. place.

Chef Shy Guy the crazy chef of the Shy Guys was called by Bowser for his secret weapon.....

Baron Von Koopa a evil Koopa Troopa who sours the skies looking for people to harm.

Baron Von Goomba is the Koopa Baron's goon who has the smarts but is weak.

Baron Von Shy Guy is the other goon and is extremly tough but very stupid.


Mario Party 11 has the exact same modes as Mario Party 7 but with 2 new modes.

There is Mario Showdown Mode where you fight characters from the game in RPG style fighting. The other mode is Party Revoloution Mode where in this mode you battle using battle cards on shorter versions of each board.


There are 13 boards in this game 12 normal boards and the 13th board is only unlocked by completing solo mode.Each board has been Bowserfied and has a little trap for the players. Number One:Bowser's Star Mine.This is where Bowser mines for power stars in his evil triumph to become the greatest.The board takes place all around a giant Star.The mine has many traps including trap doors,falling rocks,evil Stars,and bats.Bowser has turned the Star in the middle of the board into a huge machine filled with fire.The Star will switch to the fire Star once someone gets a Star then switch back after someone is burned.

Number Two:Bandit's Cove. Bowser's Bandits have hidden inside a cave on the shoreline of a beach.The board starts at the shore lin then goes inside the cave where the Star stash is hidden.To get stars you must dig to find the hidden Stars.But the bandits have set up pitfalls and rope traps and if your unlucky the bandits might find you themselves...Bowser has set up Bowser Bombs that once dug up explode on impact.

Number Three:Rico Harbor.Bowser has took over poor Rico Harbor and gave the Stars to Gooper Blooper.To get a star you must confront the Blooper if he is in a good mood you get the Star but if your bad he throws you into the water and you go into the sewer.In the sewer you must avoid all traps and get to the ladder at the end to get out.The traps are mini Bloopers,steam coming from out of the pipes(sewer only) and sometimes Shadow Mario might come and take you back to the start.Bowser has set up 2 traps in the Harbor.One is every 3 rounds the fountain fills up with oil and floods over the top of Rico Harbor sometimes tripping people into the water.And in the sewer Bowser set up broken platforms that crumble away making you fall into the water and miss 5 turns.

Number Four:Koopa Candy Factory.The Koopa's have made a new candy it is called Star Candy but its very rare.To win you must buy candy and hopefully get a Star Candy.Be careful the Koopas like to play dirty and can shoot candy,dump candy,and can hide bombs in candy to blow you up.Bowser has created his own candy called Bowser candy wich can remove anything from that player that another player chooses.

Number Five:Sandy Bizzare.All the way in the Desert there is a town with a bizzare that sells Stars for a high price.This board starts at a Desert and leads into the Bizzare.To win a Star you must collect 200 coins from pots and other players to buy the Star.The green spaces are..Bandits that can either steal from you or from another player you choose,a harsh sandstorm that takes away a item,falling pots and sometimes a herd of camel running at you.Bowser has disquised himself as a merchant and has set up his own shop.If you buy from him Bowser will show his true self and send you back to the start with -200 coins.

Number Six:Chef Shy Guy's Kitchen.The Shy Guy Kitchen is messed up a lot.The Shy Guys are making a new dish called the Star.The board takes place all around the kitchen and outside around the tables.To get a Star you must please 3 people by serving them food and finding ingredients for the Star.Watch out for angry people that throw food and crazy Shy Guys running at you with knives.Bowser has tinkered with the kitchen making any stove that is turned on catch on fire.If your by a stove like that..prepare to get burned..BADLY!.

Number Seven:Blooper's Atlantis.Long ago the Bloopers have hidden their treasure down to Atlantis and no one has ever found it yet.This board takes place around the lost ruins of Atlantis surrounded by a temple.To get the Star you must pay the fee to go inside the temple and you have 10 seconds to try and find a tablet.Once you find 3 tablets the gateway to the Star opens.Watch out for water currents,Squids,Blowfish and sharks.Bowser has created a decoy temple that if you go inside the Kraken appears and swallows you whole stealing all of your items.

Number Eight:Koopa Casino.The Goomba Casino was torn down and now this casino now opened.For the grand opening they are giving away prizes for winning all of the games at the casino.The board takes place outside the casino and inside it all around the slots and card tables.To get the Star you must complete 3 out of the 10 games in the casino including poker,slots,roullete,blackjack etc. The only trap in this board is the evil Bandit who robs you of your winnings and claims that he won the game even if you really won it.Bowser has created Bowser cards,cards the come to life.If you get a Bowser Card prepare to get a beating.If you get a beating you lose the game you were playing.

Number Nine:Goomba's Air Force.The goomba patrol has hidden stars at the end of the board.It takes place in a bunch of ships in the sky.To win get the Stars at the end.There are no traps because this is the easiest board of them all.Bowser just shoots turtle shells at you.

Number Ten:Creepy Circus.The creepy abadoned circus is home to clowny creeps and ogres.Some say the greatest performer will get a prize...The board takes place around a abandoned camp and inside the circus.To get a Star you must become a great carny by doing performances winning games and riding rides.Watch out for flying people,evil clowns,and hidden bob ombs.Bowser sometimes appears and hops in his Juggler.The Juggler juggles a player into dropping money then throwing them into a Bowser tent that has HARD GAMES.

Number Eleven:Baron's Hideout.The baron's hideout is where all 3 barons are hiding.They have hidden Stars in their 10 chambers.The board takes place in the main corridor of the hideout and the 10 chambers.To win you must find the Stars hidden in the chambers.You must play a search minigame once you get to a search spot.Watch out for alarms and goombas that throw you out of their hideout destroying the chamber you were in.In one chamber Bowser is waiting for you in there.If you find Bowser he will switch people to other chambers then he will switch to another one as well leaving the person that found him stunned for the next turn.

Number Twelve:Pirate Pyramid.One time before it was all sandy it was a great ocean.A pirate ship once crashed into the under water pyramid and is still stuck there.Some say the pirate ship carried Stars.The board takes place inside the pyramid and pirate ship.To win you muse search for lost cargo boxes and bring them back to the pirate ship to open it.If its a Star you have to carry it outside to earn it.Watch out for bombs in the cargo and fire balls as well.Also watch out for darts and cannon balls.Bowser opens up a sealed room that held water in it.The water floods the pyramid and pirate ship and changes the gameplay by making it slower and you need to collect air.

Number Thirteen:Bowser's Molten Party Panic.This is it the final battle between you and Bowser.Bowser is sitting on the highest point of a molten lava spire with traps.Also this board has parts from all the previous boards from this game and every single other game as well.To win you must collect the mighty Power Orbs to gain accses to the top of the lava spire.When you reach the top you must enter a boss battle with Bowser and defeat him once and for all.Bowser shoots cannon balls and does every phase from the other Mario Party games.The traps are the same as every other board from the past and one new trap that is a ball that sends you back to the previous section of the board.


Shake Shake!

Pinball Peril

Lucky Dice


Paint Party

Service with a smile

The great Derp race



easter hunt

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