Mario Kart and Friends is the 9th Mario Kart Game.It's for the Nintendo Switch.It includes more modes,characters,items/power-ups,and Tracks.The main gimmick is the drop feature,where you can drop unwanted items.

Characters Edit

Mario Characters Edit

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Zelda Characters Edit

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Splatoon Characters Edit

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Kirby Characters Edit

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Recommended Characters Edit

Put any Nintendo Character Here

Modes Edit

Grand Prix,Time Trial,and V.S. Race Edit

Same as always,but you can apply mirror to 50cc,and 200cc.

Battle Mode Edit

Balloon Battle,Bob-omb Blast,and Shine Thief Edit

Same as always

Zombie Infection Edit

At the start of a game,1 randomly selected player(or COM) becomes a Zombie.If someone gets hit by a Zombie Shell,a Zombie Bob-omb,a Zombie with a Zombie Star on,a Zombie banana peel,a Zombie horn,a Zombie Punching Glove,or a Zombie Mine,he/she become a zombie.When there's one survivor left,a timer(with a customizable time begins.If the last survivor survives when the timer goes off,he/she wins.But if he/she doesn't,the First Zombie Wins.There are NO teams.

Pick-up Edit

For the First Part(Which Time is customizable),you try to pick up as much items as you can,BUT you can't use those items until the second part.In the second part,you can use all the items you picked up(but only those items)in a balloon battle.There can be teams.

8 Battle Mode Edit

You can play Battle Mode as if it was Mario Kart 8(Not Deluxe)

Double Dash Mode Edit

You can play any mode as if you were playing Mario Kart:Double Dash

Items Edit

*Can come in a group of 3

**Can only be used in a team match

***Can only be used by Zombies in Zombie Infection Mode

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time you can play as a Kirby character in Mario Kart
  • This is the first game that could have 3 teams
  • This is the second time different characters have something special about them,with some faster,and has better luck with what items they get and with gamble mushrooms
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