Mario Kart Races is an animated cartoon show created and produced by British Media: Fanon. Despite having a similar concept and premise to Mario Kart (TV) by OY Games , it has a distinctly different style. While both shows share a majority of their fans, the two fan-bases have been known to argue.

Common ThemesEdit

Despite being episodic in nature, the episodes have several themes in common.

Shy Guy's BarEdit

Every episode begins with a small group of characters gaining access to a secret room in the Shy Guy Chateau. There, they bet on the day's race. It's heavily implied that their betting is against the law. Before and after each commercial break, they are revisited, discussing the race. At the end of each episode, one of the characters will have bet on the winner, and be awarded a substantial amount of money by Shy Guy. Many characters cameo in the secret room each episode.

Waluigi CheatingEdit

In almost every episode, Waluigi will come up with an over-the-top plan to steal victory, a la Dick Dastardly, which will directly result in him losing.

Bitter RivalryEdit

Any episode that involves two or more characters seeing each other as specific rivals will involve two of the characters in Shy Guy Chateau betting on each, and arguing during the middle. Ultimately, neither character will win the race.


All characters who appear in the Mario Kart series have appeared in at least one episode. While no episode includes all characters, each character has an episode in the limelight, and each character wins at least one race.


Here They Come!

Fresh Off the Bat

Cheaters Never Prosper

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